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Duck portrait

Tuesday 17th July 2018, 5.05pm (day 2,518)

Little is happening in my life at the moment nor will do so for a few weeks yet, so in the absence of much other inspiration it’s helpful when one of the marina’s Muscovy ducks exhibits its natural tendencies to pose for the camera. 19 ord igjen

Daily Post

Enjoy Life's Love song!

«Enjoy Life’s Love song
that’s everywhere found
In the colours of Nature
let your Heart song resound»

~ Mary Josephine Hession

Text & image credit: Mary Josephine Hession… 14 ord igjen

Gratitude And Inspiration

Underwood Family Farm

I can’t believe it took me a year to finally visit Underwood Family Farm (Moorpark, CA) since everyone in the area raves about it. It is an affordable trip for the family and an awesome playdate spot. 671 ord igjen

Places To Visit

You Don't Miss Your Water... | Part vii

Redmires Reservoir | Sheffield

You Dont Miss Your Water ‘Til Your Well Runs Dry

Smartphones, smart homes, smart cars, Facebook, Google and the internet make the list of most people’s top ten things they cannot live without.   200 ord igjen


Invasive invaders

It seems pretty innocuous. A tiny plant with equally tiny purple flowers. Five symmetrical petals bursting from red-tinted buds, poking up above dainty cut leaves. This is Herb Robert and he’s not supposed to be here. 2 110 ord igjen