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Naomi Klein: “We need a counter-narrative that explains the people’s plan” (Part II)

Professors Self-Assembled in Solidarity Resistance (PAReS)*

In the second part of this two-part interview, renowned journalist and activist Naomi Klein speaks with PAReS about the struggles for multiple sovereignties, the importance of weaving historical struggles with current movements, and the role of diasporas in supporting these movements. 1 850 ord igjen


Degrowth: Further Notes from 2014

These are valuable notes that I did not include in my post, La Mouvement Décroissance in October 2014. I had planned to revise and post them later. 1 372 ord igjen


why climate change is still an issue

If you were in the middle of a busy shopping centre, and someone had a heart attack, the chances are that you would probably do nothing, as would everybody else around you. 838 ord igjen

Just The Facts

Finally getting the point

I am currently reading Naomi Klein’s No is not enough, and, thanks to her brilliant exposition, I’ve finally understood why some apparently intelligent, powerful people persist, at least in public, in denying what we/they are doing to the planet and carry on acting in ways that exacerbate the crisis. 115 ord igjen


Number 3 in the Guardian Non Fiction list

I decided I would read each of the books on the Guardian ‘100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time’ list…

After a bit of a hiatus, it’s on to number 3 in the Guardian Non Fiction list – … 1 252 ord igjen

Staff Book Reviews

After Maria, Puerto Ricans Cultivate Food Sovereignty . . .

In “After Maria, Puerto Ricans Cultivate Food Sovereignty While FEMA Delivered Skittles & Cheez-Its,” Amy Goodman and Juan González (Democracy Now!) speak with Naomi Klein and with Puerto Rican anthropologist Yarimar Bonilla. 533 ord igjen


No is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

Reading this was pretty out of character for me, but I was intrigued after my husband and a colleague at worked raved about it. I don’t really understand politics stuff, so a lot of it probably went over my head. 436 ord igjen