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Attention and attenuation

When you look at the recent flood of stories about sexual assault and harassment, one of the first things that leaps out is that most of the cases that have dominated the discussion so far fall under one of three broad headings: politics, entertainment and the media, and technology. 1 120 more words


Naomi Klein interviewed on Dutch TV

This Dutch 17 November 2017 TV video says about itself:

How Naomi Klein became an activist | Interview Naomi Klein | College Tour

This Dutch 17 November 2017 TV video says about itself:

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Human Rights

Amos: Justice Rolls Down

sermon on Amos 1:1-2, 5:14-15, 21-24
Can I suggest this image of justice and flowing waters must apply to the economic policies of President Reagan, even though it may first ring in your ears associated with Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement? 1 577 more words

"Feeling the Unthinkable: Essays on Social Justice" by Donald Gutierrez

If Donald Gutierrez were alive today, what would he think of the USA now? He’d be horrified. And disgusted.

Gutierrez, who died in 2013, shortly after this collection was published, was a social conscience. 354 more words

Book Review

The Right to Understand

I have a lot of time for Naomi Klein, which is saying something because these days my standard reaction to anyone trying to speak about politics is usually scorn and derision, because they’re usually spouting total rubbish. 474 more words


Corporate media scared of Naomi Klein?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why Isn’t Naomi Klein On TV Anymore?

22 October 2017

Is the mainstream media afraid of Naomi Klein…

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Human Rights

"This Changes Everything" - does it?

After viewing “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate” a documentary by Avi Lewis which is a companion to Naomi Klein’s book with the same title, the first thing I asked myself was – does this change anything at all? 454 more words