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'I'll be Muslim too': Fans embrace Liverpool's Mo Salah

Source: Aljazeera

Liverpool Football Club fans have embraced Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian player, with a new chant that celebrates the 25-year-old forward’s faith.

«Mo Sa-la-la-la-lah, Mo Sa-la-la-la-lah, if he’s good enough for you, he’s good enough for me, if he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim too,» fans have been filmed chanting from the stadiums to the pubs as they watch Salah’s footwork at play. 20 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

Trump tries to hide his "victory" providing guns for folks mentally ill!

❝ Following a school shooting, the White House reportedly refused requests to release a photo of President Trump signing a bill overturning an Obama-era regulation restricting certain people from buying guns.

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Muslims. Represented.

Muslims Represented. A simple title for a simple point.
Muslims have faced negative representation in mainstream media for decades. Whether it be labelling them as terrorists, oppressors or economic migrants, they haven’t been handed the positive light. 220 ord igjen

Appeals Court Rules Against Latest Trump Travel Ban

(CNN) — A federal appeals court ruled against the latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Thursday, holding that it «continues to exhibit a primarily religious anti-Muslim objective.» 283 ord igjen


Muslim, Millennial and single: A generation struggles to find love

Source: The Washington Post

By Abigail Hauslohner February 14 at 8:19 AM Email the author

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Osman Aslam has tried the apps.

On Minder, he wrote he enjoys hiking, going on long drives and spending time with his family. 76 ord igjen

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Importance of Unity in Islam

Unity plays an important role in the development and power of any country. In other words, unity is the pillar of any nation. Without the unity, a nation is like a building without pillars. 523 ord igjen