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Immigrant Population Hits 107-Year High

By Joshua Paladino – Re-Blogged From Liberty Headlines

Some of the largest immigration expansions, as a percentage, between 2010 and 2017 came from war-torn or economically struggling countries…

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Foreign Policy

Muslims blow hot as principal ejects students for wearing hijab to school, blame Ambode

President of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria in Lagos State, Alhaji Saheed Ashafa, has condemned the ejection of five students of Isolo Senior Secondary School by their principal for putting on hijab (Muslims head cover) to school. 752 ord igjen


Islam and its pagan roots

Warning: the article contains high volume of truth and blasphemy. Risk of your bubble of illusion popping.

Islam is considered to be a monotheistic religion, so pure and divine, which has guided mankind to perfection through Muhammad and his kin (for Shias), Quran and natural signs. 532 ord igjen


China Has Chosen Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang - For Now

The news out of Xinjiang, China’s western region, this summer has been a steady stream of Orwellian horrors. A million people held against their will… 54 ord igjen


Who cares about popcorn halal or not?

The New Paper (TNP) published an article titled “Food sold in cinemas not halal-certified: Muis” on Monday, 17 Sept.

The article reported that according to a halalSG Twitter account managed by Muis, no food counter in local cinemas is halal-certified. 330 ord igjen

Stir-fried Articles


Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I’m a non-believer in all of the world’s religions. Most religious practitioners are able to deal with that though some show varying degrees of anger. 1 145 ord igjen