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Islam isn't worth respecting

We protest and ridicule this hateful religion for the human rights of minorities in Islamic Majority countries such as Ex-Muslims, Muslims of minority branching faiths, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Yazidis, and others… 1 543 ord igjen


As Hamas Heralds New Intifada …!

“Come one and all, join this blood-feast
As Hamas, hails, new martyrs today
If not, hundred, then, at the least
Each kill, one Jew, on a… 73 ord igjen


It Isn’t an Easy Time to Be a British Muslim. Cricket Helps.

Source: The New York Times

By Sameer Rahim

Mr. Rahim is a writer and editor at Prospect magazine.

England’s Moeen Ali celebrates with his team mates after taking the wicket of Australia’s D’Arcy Short, in June in Cardiff, Wales.CreditAndrew Boyers/Reuters… 149 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

The Jews of the North Africa under Muslim Rule

David Littman, before his untimely death from leukemia in 2012, had intended this book on the Maghreb to be the first in a series that would cover the social condition of the Jews in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Turkey… 6 ord igjen


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

As salam alaikum and peace to all who seek guidance.

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A Stepmother's Lullaby

«Do drifters, have an, existence!
Rootless souls, in an, estranged land
Unsuckled dreams, slitting thru, my barbed fence
As I savor them, tearing, strand by strand! 85 ord igjen