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Why the German Islam Conference misses the reality of Muslims in Germany

Interesting interview and perspective:

After more than a year of preparation, the fourth German Islam Conference (DIK) began on the 28th of November. More than 200 people from religious and political life, accompanied by academics, sat through panels discussing the role of Islam in Germany.

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Was Jinnah right in his fear regarding Muslims in India..?

Everyone feels very sad when reminded of 1947 partition of India.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah played significant role in division of India. He was concerned about fate of Muslims in a Hindu majority India. 301 ord igjen


Terror Too Close To Home

When they are far away, they are just news items we may or may not pay attention to. It is different when they happen in your neighbourhood. 641 ord igjen


Tazkeer Bil Quran - Sin & Repentance

Synopsis of Nov 25th Session

There are 2 weapons of Shaitan (Devil).

  • Ananiyat: Egocentricism (the world revolves around me)
  • JinS: Lewdness

The instructor discussed Imam Ghazali’s masterpiece… 270 ord igjen



The purpose of this blog is to point out that Islam is not defined by what Muslims do. Muslims are human beings, and human beings are inherently imperfect. 282 ord igjen


These people are not Bengalis who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar recently. They are slum-dwelling Bengalis (in two photos) and Indians (in two photos), citizens of India and Bangladesh. 389 ord igjen


Just deal,’ Muslim lawmaker Ilhan Omar says to pastor who complained about hijabs on House floor

Source: The Washington Post

By Katie Mettler

December 7

Conservative pastor E.W. Jackson began his radio program Wednesday with an outraged rant about a rule change that congressional Democrats are proposing that would reverse a headwear ban on the floor of the House of Representatives. 104 ord igjen

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