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Eid al Adha must be timed locally as it is separate from the Hajj

For several years now, there has been a move to have a Universal Hijri Calendar — one calendar to serve for the whole Ummah. Saudi Arabia wants to be the one to fix the dates of the Universal Calendar. 1 427 ord igjen


Allah Is The Only Creator

For a Muslim it is imperative to have confidence in the Supremacy and unity of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH is the main Creator, henceforth, whatever a Muslim needs or a Muslim wants from ALLAH Almighty. 533 ord igjen


Trial for Arizona women who filmed themselves burglarizing a mosque

Trial set for Arizona women charged with burglarizing mosque

Source: Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — An Oct. 4 trial has been scheduled for two Arizona women charged with burglarizing a mosque in Tempe as they filmed themselves making derogatory comments about Muslims. 90 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

China’s Uighur Re-Education Camps Swell as Beijing Widens the Dragnet

Satellite images show expansion of ‘re-education’ centers in China’s Xinjiang region

A Wall Street Journal investigation reveals what goes on inside China’s growing network of internment camps, where hundreds of thousands of ethnic Uighurs are believed to have been detained. 1 772 ord igjen

Exclusive Umar Lee Media Details on New Mexico Compound

What were the adults in the Cult of Maryam thinking? Watch the video.

What Is Cultural Christianity?

I heard a pastor on the radio talk about cultural Christianity, but I thought his answer was fairly incomplete. Basically he said that in the US many years ago most people knew about Jesus, and a lot of people were saved, even people you thought maybe you could share the gospel with. 706 ord igjen