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The Grave Outlook of The Genocide in Myanmar

The Burmese Government Continues Its Human Rights Violations 

By: Chermo Toure

While mainstream media outlets are heavily focused on President Trump and the Mueller investigation, they often forget that there is a whole world out there. 631 ord igjen


It is time for Responsibility to reappear in Great Britain

Great Britain is made up of Lions lead by Donkeys – a mass of good-natured formerly decent people whose degenerate political and establishment rulers have led them down a path of self-centeredness, greed, lust and general stupidity. 832 ord igjen


What does La ilaha il Allah mean?

           What is the importance of La Ilaha Il Allah? What does it mean? Summarized, La Ilaha Il Allah means, to believe in, and to worship One God… 211 ord igjen

Purpose Of Life

China finally admits it is building a new archipelago of concentration camps. Will the world respond?

Source: The Washington Post

By Editorial Board

October 11

WHEN REPORTS began filtering out of China last year about a massive indoctrination and internment drive against ethnic Muslim Uighurs in the western region of Xinjiang, the government in Beijing denied that anything was going on. 323 ord igjen


The Third Intifada Or The Last…

How riots, stir the soul, of this land
Bad blood, spills out, in streets, from its veins
A dream dies o’er, faith and, fear’s quicksand… 97 ord igjen


Biblical Jerusalem

Architecture & Memory

History of ancient architecture mostly based o archaeological fragments, interpretations of literary and artistic documents. The reason of the nature conditions and time effects, there are the lack of surviving built evidence about ancient architecture. 280 ord igjen