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When lack of humanity, hatred for non-Jews, obsession with money and global dominence are the usual "accusations"

As the world wakes up about Jewish «Democracy»,  these Jewish propaganda articles are becoming more and more hilarious!

The shows below cover a wide range of propaganda against Jews including: the blood libel, world domination, obsession with money, lack of humanity, hatred for non-jews and more.

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Time of the End

According to bible prophecy the Time of the End started in 1798 (review the time prophecies in Daniel 8 & 9). Therefore Friends we are in the end time right now. 806 ord igjen

The Biryani Post

22–06–2018, Mumbai, India: And finally, there is no problem on Earth that can’t be ameliorated by a plate of good biryani. 1 581 ord igjen

Tauseef Warsi

Answers to Questions Aron Ra Insufficiently Answered

I recently made a YouTube video entitled “11 questions that atheists cannot answer,” which attracted a multitude of responses from atheists, many of whom attempted to answer my eleven questions. 2 310 ord igjen


Ramadan (Celebrate The World) by Hannah Eliot

Ramadan (Celebrate The World) is an excellent early readers illustrated book that helps your little one to understand Ramadan and it’s meaning. Ramadan is the 9th month out of the Lunar calendar and it is a time in which Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. 156 ord igjen

Children's Books

Travel Chronicles from California: First Impressions

How does one begin a narrative about an East coast girl who has been transported to the other side of the country into the land of forever clear skies, palm trees, and a backdrop of magnificent mountains? 627 ord igjen


So I'm going to start a blog

I’ve got things to say. I’m an English and Writing major, recently graduated. I’ve done a bit of traveling, not as much as I’d like. I keep a private journal, why not keep a public one? 437 ord igjen