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The Moment, Frozen and Explored: On the Power of Storytelling

The human experience is inimitable. What each human experiences in a given moment can never in it’s entirety be experienced by another. It is far too nebulous. 755 ord igjen

Between Harmony and Dissonance: On Muslim Unity

The importance of the Islamic fraternity is a popular lecture topic among scholars and speakers. It is stressed, repeatedly, how important it is for Muslims to be united, how important it is for the Ummah to exist, a boundary-less arch of camaraderie, engulfing Muslims everywhere, only by virtue of their faith. 668 ord igjen

Is prophethood provisional?

The inability of the disbelievers to address the Quranic challenge, is one of the proofs for Muhammed’s ﷺ prophethood. The challenge being: for the disbelievers to produce a chapter that rivals the eloquence of any the Quran’s chapters: 366 ord igjen


The Archangel's Last Visit to Earth

A short story
‘The Farm’ by Ibrahim Al Zaikan

Abdulrahman was standing anxiously at his sister’s house door that led into the mosque. The palms of his hands sweat and his heart raced. 1 133 ord igjen

Our Dependence on Revelation

What happens after our death is terribly relevant to us all.  After all, we are all going to die.  It is not like to get to try it out first to see if we like it, at least not usually.   825 ord igjen


Summary of Chapter 1: MUSLIM INVADERS by Rodney Stark

In this chapter Muslim Invaders, Stark points out that Muslim invaders got their orders from Muhammed who until his death fought, raided and plundered previous Christian lands in accordance with the Quran (Sura 9:5), such that 80 years after Muhammed’s death the Middle East, North Africa, Cyprus and most of Spain became part of the Muslim empire after conquering Christians. 489 ord igjen


Being Female--Hassana

I sat in front of my desk whispering to myself, I need to get my life together, I need to get my life together! I have always stopped to think every moment of my life about the many things I would need to acquire, how many goals I would achieve and most importantly, if I would even live long to bear kids, until I paused to think, why not live the moment, be happy and develop myself instead. 476 ord igjen