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Islam: World Religions

Muslims believe in the prophet Mohammed and their God Allah. Islam is the fastest growing religion at the present time because of the their growing populations in various regions. 132 ord igjen


An English Commentary on the Kharida


Al-Kharida al-Bahia (the Glimmering Pearl) is an introductory text for students of ‘ilm Al-Kalam. Like many other works written for teaching purposes in the Islamic world, the Kharida is actually a poem. 95 ord igjen


The Sword of Islam

Those who think Islam is just another religion like Hinduism or Buddhism are not seeing this movement for what it really is.  Islam is not just a religion.  948 ord igjen

Ring Out The Message Blog Posts

Taken out of context?

The Infallible Word of God.

The basis for a Religion of Peace.

Those are two of the claims that Muslims will continually make about the Quran. 2 630 ord igjen


"Okay, God. I Get It."

No one man or religion or belief system has so impacted the world as this one. Can’t ignore it. Can’t get around it. What do we do with it?  1 031 ord igjen


3 Reasons Why You Should Believe in a One World Government.

Let’s say for example, since the beginning of time, everyone in the whole world, everyone who was ever been born, everyone living now and everyone who will ever be born, upon their birth has an immediate debt and owes the One World Government taxes.   1 057 ord igjen

MYTHS DEBUNKED: "Are the crusades not full of abuses?"

ANSWER: It is important to make a distinction between the first crusades and the ones that followed after. 170 ord igjen