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Arguments For and Against the Acceptance of Sharia Law in Australia

By Penny Hoffmann

Islam, a monotheistic religion, is the world’s second-largest religion. Some Western nations have partially accepted Sharia law into their country, whilst others are wanting nothing to do with it. 445 ord igjen


Put Şeylere Filmi Üzerine ya da Onur Ünlü’ye Açık Mektup [müminceleme]

Put Şeylere Filmi Üzerine ya da Onur Ünlü’ye Açık Mektup1

Sevgili Onur Ünlü,

Türk sinema ve dizi sektöründeki başarıların yadsınamaz. Polis filminden beri seni ısrarla takip ediyor, bulunduğum her mecliste “şahane bir yönetmen ve metin yazarı, üstelik şair!” diyordum. 1 528 ord igjen


Lord of the dance.

The soft shoe shuffle,
Made by him an Olympic sport,
From a four dollar hustler to golden child,
From Louisville, Kentucky, to king of the ring, 436 ord igjen

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Acting CJN Muhammad presides over Supreme Court

The Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad, is currently presiding over a five-man panel of the Supreme Court which resumed sitting today.

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Muslim extremists demands the death of a Christian mother in Pakistan

Christian mother Aasia Bibi, 47-year-old mother-of-five, has being on Pakistan death row for eight years, she was accused by Muslim farm laborers of having insulted the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which is an offense punishable by death in Pakistan. 473 ord igjen


Mere Aaqa Madine mein Muje bhi ab bula lijiye

Mere Aaqa Madine mein Muje bhi ab bula lijiye
Tarasti hein Meri Aankhein Muje Roza dikha lijiye

Mahekti hein Wo Rahein Jinse Aaqa Aap hein Guzre… 131 ord igjen

Naat Sharif

Preschoolers Seerah Book

Is your Preschooler (Age 3-5) ready to be introduced to the prophet Muhammed (PBUH)? Does you kid love interactive storytelling? Does your kid love crafting? Then this is the post for you! 1 500 ord igjen