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3 Reasons Why You Should Believe in a One World Government.

Let’s say for example, since the beginning of time, everyone in the whole world, everyone who was ever been born, everyone living now and everyone who will ever be born, upon their birth has an immediate debt and owes the One World Government taxes.   1 057 ord igjen

MYTHS DEBUNKED: "Are the crusades not full of abuses?"

ANSWER: It is important to make a distinction between the first crusades and the ones that followed after. 170 ord igjen


ateizme cevab

son zamanların en popüler başlığı bu. bilimsel hocalar, adnancılar, reformist blogcular, her youtube’u keşfeden müslüman ateizme cevab’çı oluyor. ama bilmiyorlar ki, ateizme cevap internetsiz de verilebiliyor. 1 452 ord igjen


Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Muhammed (peace be upon him) was the final prophet and in better understanding his life, habits, and characteristics we can begin to better understand what it means to be a Mulslim. 59 ord igjen

Iqama Magazine

Religion History, Purpose, Hidden Meaning, Problem & Solution

Religion History, Purpose, Hidden Meaning, Problem & Solution

Human race was & are forgetting their super-ability, they are now living like the animals, some even worse than that, they are selling out their own human friend to some stupid aliens race & destroying their home planet Earth. 736 ord igjen


Uqba Ibn Abi Mu'ait Attempted To Murder Prophet Muhammed

Uqba bin Abi Muayt is portrayed by critics as an innocent Qurayshi polytheist who did not deserve to be dealt with in the battle of Badr. 2 054 ord igjen


Study Reveals Queen Elizabeth II Is A Descendant Of Prophet Muhammad - Observer+

I guess my amusement, is that this really isn’t news.. at least to me. Having studied Spanish Royalty and genealogy quite extensively, it a simple fact, that just didn’t seem to garner much attention, nor warrant it. 68 ord igjen

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