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Utopias against modernity: Huxley, Serreau and the making of non-capitalist ecologies

by Rocío Hiraldo

Primitivist utopias in Coline Serreau’s film La Belle Verte and in Aldous Huxley’s book Island suggest modernity is incompatible with the achievement of green and fair ecologies because of the ways in which it artificially disconnects us from the greater whole to which we belong, hence from other humans and non-human nature. 1 313 ord igjen


The Intolerance of Tolerance

Just recently I read The Intolerance of Tolerance, by D. A. Carson. Carson is one of the best New Testament scholars around, but what he writes in this book (although written from a Christian perspective) has more to do with contemporary politics. 287 ord igjen


Yangon Thingyan: Traditional Celebration or Mere Water Party?

Nang Poe Hnin Phyu laments the changes in Yangon’s Thingyan celebrations.

I grew up in Lashio, the capital city of Northern Shan State, home to approximately 130,000 people. 1 056 ord igjen


The Condition of Postmodernity (David Harvey): A Summary of Chapter Five

A summary of David Harvey’s (1989) The Condition of Postmodernity’: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Cultural Change.

This is a summary of chapter five. You like to read my summaries of chapters one and two and three first of all: 4 122 ord igjen


Does Science lead to Atheism?

This is a great overview of a failed hypothesis.

Hamza Tzortzis first distinguishes a difference between academic and popular discourse on this topic. Though there are arguments on the popular front as to why and how science has killed religion and that atheism is inevitable, Hamza explains that on the academic front the answer is very different: No – science does not necessarily lead to Atheism. 247 ord igjen


Final Frontiers (and thoughts)

So, I have a quick confession to make.

Some of my blogs weren’t written on the days I published them. I backdated some, I scheduled some. 1 995 ord igjen


Writing Myths: Post Colonial Fiction

The space of post colonial fiction is that of re-reading and re-writing narratives that have existed from the point of view the erstwhile colonised. This project is done in a way that while nlt directly denying the authorities that exist, seek to expose and overturn them. 319 ord igjen

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