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Clinton Campaign Plans To Pull A Romney on Donald Trump

As they gather in Philadelphia Monday to nominate Hillary Clinton, Democrats plan to take a lessons, if not outright direction, from their playbook for defeating the last wealthy Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. 716 more words

Personal commentary on 2016 Presidential Election

I honestly did not think there could be a worse candidate for President than Mitt Romney in 2012. Romney was the worst kind of elitist – an elitist (and a literal schoolyard bully) who saw himself as self-made despite having a rich/powerful father and who made his own personal fortune by exploiting the system at the expense of average Americans. 551 more words

Head to head Hillary vs Donald

Suka atau tidak suka, pemilihan Presiden Amerika Serikat menjadi perhatian dunia. Beritanya tidak cuma ada di saluran-saluran berita politik Internasional, tapi media sosial abal-abal yang ada di Indonesia juga ikut mengulas Pilpres Amerika. 871 more words


The Chilling History of Monsanto’s Rise to Power

This video is interesting even though I know all about Monsanto’s devious practices & history, as this video shows since 1901.   I thought most every one was aware of how harmful and pervasive their top selling poison, glyphosate,  marketed as Roundup, is.  95 more words

Alternative News & Health

32.2 Million Watch Donald Trump's RNC Nomination Acceptance Speech Night, Besting Mitt Romney But Not John McCain

Donald Trump — he’s no John McCain.

An estimated 32.2 million people tuned in to watch Trump’s speech on the final night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, across 10 commercially-supported networks, Nielsen reports.  186 more words


Now for the Democrats

It was certainly an unusual convention: this edition of the quadrennial gathering of Republican delegates featured fear and rage. There was no shining city on a hill, no morning in America. 786 more words

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Did Donald Trump Jr. Plagiarize His RNC Speech?

After Monday’s political fallout from Melania Trump’s borrowed RNC speech, Donald Trump Jr. is facing similar allegations. The end to “liftgate” looms further in the distance. 271 more words