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Rudy for Secy of State

By Tom Quiner

I like Mitt Romney.

He’s a great manager. A good human being. And he led the anti-Trump movement.

These are good things … except that Trump won. 92 more words


Donald Trump's Inexcusable Loyalists Deserve To Be Betrayed As He Chooses His Cabinet

Donald Trump loyalists betrayed conservatism by supporting the president-elect during the campaign; if they are now betrayed by Trump and frozen out of his administration it will be sweet justice… 782 more words

US Current Affairs

Donald Trump expands list of candidates for Secretary of State

WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump is expanding his pool of candidates for secretary of state, leaving unclear whether former CIA Director David Petraeus’ guilty plea for leaking classified information disqualifies him to serve as the nation’s top diplomat. 716 more words


David Petraeus, Candidate for Trump's Secretary of State, on Past Sharing of Classified Info: 'I Made a Serious Mistake'

David Petraeus made a last-ditch effort Sunday to show President-elect Donald Trump that his guilty plea for revealing classified information to his mistress and biographer shouldn’t disqualify him from serving as America’s top diplomat. 431 more words


Dear Mr. Trump,

First off, congratulations on your victory. The battle was bitter and hard fought, but you prevailed despite all signs that you would not, so well done. 503 more words

Thinking Out Loud

So It's a Catcher's Mitt

Eating Donald’s Pie, an elegy for Mitt Romney


When I die, and I’m laid down to rest

Will it matter how well I am dressed? 139 more words


Trump's Secretary of State Choice

There has been considerable hullabaloo about President-elect Donald Trump’s potential Secretary of State nominee.  My personal preference is that he choose John Bolton.  I have always liked Bolton’s blunt pugnaciousness and defense of American national interests while he was U.S. 655 more words