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Rex Tillerson on his role as Trump's secretary of state: 'I didn't want this job'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered some insight into how he views his role as America’s top diplomat. In an interview with the conservative-leaning Independent Journal Review… 268 more words


Två generationer Romney - men så olika politiskt

Idag tänkte jag ta fram ett bra exempel för att visa på hur stora skillnaderna verkligen kan vara inom ett parti, nämligen republikanerna.
Det jag talar om är far och son Romney. 371 more words


Trump Paid A Higher Percentage of Income Tax Than Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett

Christine Rousselle


Posted: Mar 14, 2017 10:45 PM

Well, at least we got some amusing news out of Tuesday night’s flop of a story from Rachel Maddow: Trump paid a higher percentage of his income in taxes in 2005 than Mitt Romney did in 2011 and Bernie Sanders did in 2014. 805 more words

Surviving Death and Taxes

Life is filled with impossible things.  Doing my taxes is definitely one of them.

I once owned a copy of this Will Eisner comic and got a good barrel of laughs out of it back in the day when I was young and full of life and the grim reaper wasn’t standing just outside the kitchen door like he is now. 571 more words


Russian StoveTop

Relevant Video.

Thanks to GDJ for allowing some of the image aspects that I used for this comic into the public domain.