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Trump Campaign Rallies And Presidential Imagery

Donald Trump kicked off the 2020 election season with a campaign rally in Florida last night. These campaign rallies enable Trump to keep lines of communication–besides his Twitter account–open to his faithful; they rejuvenate his ego, one presumably battered by the endless ridicule heaped on him by his political opponents; they enable him to switch from his usual self-pitying moaning to his preferred mode of narcissistic boasting; they allow him to send out a message that will be faithfully amplified by a media eager for ‘newsworthy events’; he is, after all, the President. 639 more words


Saturday Remembrance

Here’s an old one. Yahoo used to have a contributor network in which writers could have their work published on the site. I submitted a few things there. 12 more words


Super PAC Ad Says Romney Doesn't Care, But Implies Worse

This new political ad from Priorities USA Action, an Obama-affiliated Super PAC, may be the most brutal ad yet from the 2012 presidential election. Called «Understands,» the ad features the story of Joe Soptic, who claims he lost his job after Bain Capital, the financial services company for

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What is a Status of Forces Agreement and why don’t we have one in Iraq?

What is a Status of Forces Agreement and why don’t we have one in Iraq? It appears to be a little complicated but it is normal when we have fought a war and liberated a country, that we have a Status of Forces agreement and leave substantial military forces behind, many times for decades. 283 more words

Islamist Jihad

Stephen Bannon’s words and actions don’t add up

By Fareed Zakaria
Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017

Perhaps it’s just me, but a few weeks into the Trump presidency, between the tweets, executive orders, attacks and counterattacks, I feel dizzy. 748 more words

Washington Post

Bill Maher Vows To Embrace Mormonism If Mitt Romney Takes Over White House In 'The Messy Truth'

Maher said today that he would convert from atheism to Mormonism if Mitt Romney would seize the White House from Donald Trump. Quite a remark given that Maher famously donated $1M to President Obama’s campaign to defeat Romney in his 2012 re-election bid. 282 more words

Breaking News

Bill Maher says he would become a Mormon for Mitt Romney

By Alexandra King

(CNN) — Comedian Bill Maher jokes about his newfound love for Mitt Romney during the latest episode of «The Messy Truth,» a town hall series hosted by Van Jones. 194 more words