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Vulture Capitalists Swallow A Couple Of Companies

Rumors of the demise of Toys ’R’ Us have been circulating for six months or more since they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Almost as if a songbook was sent out for news readers across the land there was a chorus of “online shopping took them down.” 980 ord igjen

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Romney makes Senate run official, with a surprise twist

SALT LAKE CITY — The questions were strange for a man who came close to the Presidency just six years ago.

«Have you been a U.S. 278 ord igjen


Rep. Mike Kennedy joins growing list of GOP candidates challenging Mitt Romney

SALT LAKE CITY — Rep. Mike Kennedy of the Utah State House of Representatives is the latest Republican candidate vying for Sen. Orrin Hatch’s soon-to-be-vacated senate seat. 223 ord igjen


OH YES HE DID: Obama Used Fusion GPS Investigate Mitt Romney 

  • A new book claims former President Barack Obama hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Romney
  • Obama used law firm Perkins Coie to hide payment to Fusion GPS…
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The Obama campaign hid its payments to Fusion GPS through its law firm, Perkins Coie. The arrangement is similar to the one that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee used to pay Fusion for its investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

REVEALED: Obama Campaign Hired Fusion GPS To Investigate Romney Photo of Chuck Ross Anonymous (ID: 6SQFehxN)  03/13/18(Tue)16:34:22 No.163817893

>The Barack Obama presidential campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012 to dig up dirt on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to a book released on Tuesday.

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‘Rex, Eat the Salad:’ Inside the Awkward Relationship Between Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump

Cabinet post was a sharp change for a former Exxon Mobil CEO who was used to calling the shots

Rex Tillerson’s appointment as secretary of state brought a globe-trotting executive to Washington to work for the first businessman president. 1 234 ord igjen

On This Day -- March 12th

March 12th is the 71st day of the year (72nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 294 days remaining until the end of the year. 164 ord igjen

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