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Paul's Daily Three for September 21, 2018

What breed of doggie is your favorite?

Speaking of doggies, what’s the best treat to give them?

Do you do a lot of introspection, and do you trust the results?


Mr. Travish Forever

“Welcome, Mr. Travish!” The team of scientists cheered at the wizened old man who’d just walked through their doors. The man first recoiled, but then walked up to them with a grin. 374 ord igjen


Trump, Kavanaugh, Ford & Sexual Assault

Of course Trump is tweeting about Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh this morning. (Here: 1, 2, 3, 4.) I’m only shocked that he managed to keep his mouth shut this long. 470 ord igjen

Donald Trump


As most of you know, I’ve planted my Nest in Sandusky again. As some of you know, it was to help my son cope with some of the issues that surround his combat PTSD. 371 ord igjen


The God of Time's Fatigue

The skies were turning grey, there was wreckage everywhere, the yelling and screaming seemed to merge with the sound of gunfire to form a thick haze of mayhem and panic. 19 038 ord igjen


Does My Little Sister (The Plastic Box) Really Have Emotions?

Does My Little Sister (The Plastic Box) Really Have Emotions?

Essentially an enormous author tract dictating my personal beliefs on robo-emotions and really just me jerking myself off on how liberated I think my perspective is on various ethical topics. 1 921 ord igjen


A New Chapter

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Jaan and welcome to my blog. I’m just your average 19-year old uni student with a lot of opinions that I have a particular habit of voicing on the regular. 241 ord igjen