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Military Worship

Why is the military everywhere in the USA? You see it at football games, baseball games, soccer games and well basically any kind of sporting event in the USA. 212 ord igjen


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How to Adapt to Change

How to Adapt to Change

In life, change happens. Sometimes we move, we get married, we have another kid, we get a new job, or a new pet. 644 ord igjen

Understanding PTSD

Questions to ask:
• How do you know if someone is experiencing PTSD?
• Do you believe there is a one shoe fits all approach to this? 289 ord igjen

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

In our last lesson we learned how important communication is, especially in the military. There is a lot going on and we are sometimes separated for deployments and are not able to communicate as much as we might like. 560 ord igjen

Why Communicate?

Understanding the Need for Communication

Communication is a basic human survival skill. The better we are at communicating, the easier it will be to decrease our stress and anxiety levels, especially when it comes to our marriage & family relationships. 332 ord igjen

Understanding Stressors in Military Life

Understanding Stressors

  • Application Activities
    • Role playing how to deal with stressors.
    • De-stressing techniques
    • List the stressors that are most impactful in your life right now.
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