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I plead you all to pledge & take pride in doing our bits for a better tomorrow. All of us already believe in it and profoundly feel proud of doing good to our own society. 584 more words



Dancing with them was the best thing that happened last Tuesday.

Curls flying. Laughter. Little, slippery hands in mine.

«Faster, Mommy!» Ella said, on her tippy-toes. 310 more words


And One Day I Was Born...

May 11th, 1982 at 3 o’clock in the morning a nineteen year old Marina is determined to head over to the local hospital. She was beyond ready to give birth to her first child, sex unknown. 658 more words


A Trip to Hell

It was a late November, my parents 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and they invited me to join them for the celebrations at the mountains, in Romania. 1 493 more words

Life Stories

Review: Good-bye to All That (Graves)

Good-bye to All That (Revised Second Edition).

This is an autobiography (as noted on the cover), but for the purposes of this blog it qualifies as a war memoir because half of it is occupied with the author’s experiences in the Great War. 163 more words

The Last Five Years


10 April 2017

Today is one of those days I very much appreciate all the little things, which, in sum, make my life wonderful. Isn’t it always the case, though, that it takes an extremely gloomy, rainy, and absolutely dreary day for you to think about the deeper parts of your heart? 927 more words




Our fast-paced lives leave little time to contemplate. These Micro Moments are designed to entertain in a few words, read them slowly and savour the essence. 67 more words

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