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What is Peero?

Peero is a social network that allows working professionals to simultaneously network and socialize. Users will be able to network through a real-time feed of career-development activity posts like recently attended conferences, courses taken, educational videos watched, books read, and podcasts listened to. 210 more words

Business Network

Racism in America

I always find the word ‘Racism’ to be such an empty word because according to the KKK racists DNC Donkeys on the left and the lying MSM it is only a one way street, only white conservatives can be racists. 943 more words

Critical Examination: There Doesn't Need to be a Discussion About Difficulty in Gaming

I recently watched the review of Cuphead by a YouTuber that I find genuinely engaging.  I often have some disagreements with stuff or think some of his perspectives are not the best, but I am not the kind of person who has to agree with everything someone says to like their content.  1 342 more words


US Condemns Assassination of Maltese Anti-Corruption Journalist

The United States is condemning, in the strongest terms, the assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Galizia who was investigating alleged government corruption.

«It was a cowardly attack that took the life of a talented and brave … reporter who dedicated her career to fighting the rule of law and shining a light on corruption,» State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tuesday. 230 more words

Violence Against Women


Question?  Vaccines are supposed to prevent you from getting an illness – right?  If they work, then you would not contract whatever diseases for which you’ve been vaccinated – right?  50 more words

Big Brother is Watching You

In the morning, an alarm on my phone wakes me up. I go to the gym, scanning a little chip to let me in at the door. 212 more words