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She did it: Sarah Palin sues NY Times for defamation hiring same lawyers Hulk Hogan used to bury Gawker

(National SentinelSlander: Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has filed a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times… 541 more words


This is CNN: Network's credibility problem helps explain Americans' low trust in media

(National SentinelMedia: Those of us attempting to provide Americans with a source of high-quality and, most importantly factual, reporting and analysis, are really quite perturbed at  443 more words

President Donald J. Trump

An age ole question answered

For how long has this been asked of our children and adults too. Finally a definitive answer can be given and put to rest this query once and for all. 8 more words


Blogging's Big Bad Wolf: A Q&A with Ricci-Lee Kalish

Ricci-Lee Kalish is the face behind the lifestyle and fashion blog, Big Bad Wolf. After interning at a few of South Africa’s big magazines, she soon realised that by starting her own blog, she could offer something those magazines were not – an original, honest voice. 816 more words


“Being a Firefighter Is a Great Path to Early Retirement,” says Recruitment Officer Anthony Payne

Editor in Chief | Nehemiah D Frank

Anthony Payne is the Minority Recruitment Officer or Equal Employment Officer (E.E.O) for the Tulsa Fire Department. He’s occupied his current position for 2-yrs and has been employed by the City of Tulsa as a Firefighter for nine. 614 more words

Greenwood (North Tulsa)