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Why corporations are starting their own in-house ad agencies


Last fall, the telecommunications company Sprint created an in-house digital ad agency, signaling a major shift in the company’s advertising strategy. At the time, I thought, “there goes another one.” A major brand trying to become more nimble, gain control of the ad buying process and save money — during a time when confusion and frustration is mounting in digital advertising. 674 ord igjen


Preparing for a media interview: a simple 60-second guide

Here are four simple steps for preparing for an interview:

  1. Don’t panic. Find out as much as you can about the opportunity. Who is it for?
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The reason why

People go to work for all kinds of reasons and get many different things from the experience. All are equally valid whether it is to put food on the table or to help others it doesn’t matter. 347 ord igjen


Flex that culture

just finished this t shirt design for a monthly pop up that’ll be up today for week on hopefully I can be consistent because the months won’t stop coming. At all. Smh

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