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Plastic Straw Myths

ReasonTV points out the claim that Americans use 500 million plastic straws daily is based on a nine-year-old’s school project, that only 1 percent of plastic pollution comes from the US and an even tinier amount of that pollution are plastic straws. 24 ord igjen


Studio Samachar

Department of Mass Media and Communication Skills of S. M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies started the media club ‘The Studio’ in the year 2015-16. 115 ord igjen


Fall Fellowship Program: Communications + Media Relations at Mission Partners

Fields: communications, media, research, social-justice, economic-justice

Location: Bethesda, MD

About the Organization: At Mission Partners, we guide high-potential nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven corporations in moving their missions forward. 173 ord igjen


Don’t Mention The Trade War: What China Doesn’t Want People To Know In Its Dispute With The U.S.

China’s control of public discourse about the trade war, an issue too big to be ignored completely, has gone beyond a white-or-black approach and aims to be more subtle…State media outlets with a higher political ranking are allowed to publish news and editorials about the trade war, while local media and internet news portals are often told to republish what state media have already published and not to overplay the issue. 6 ord igjen

United States

In Stephen King's 'The Outsider,' the light's winning — barely

In Stephen King’s latest, «The Outsider,» out now, a police detective and a forensic private investigator track down a shapeshifting boogeyman who likes to frame people for sadistic crimes. 1 255 ord igjen



I was reading a news story about the Trump Putin press conference in Helsinki where our Twidiot-In-Chief announced to the world that he is Putin’s little bitch. 606 ord igjen