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The Real Origins of Terrorism - Part 1

Breaking the Moral High-ground, and Exposing the Propaganda War Machine. This is a new series written and produced by Simply Seerah which will go through the history of how the Philosophy of Terrorism was introduced into the Muslim world in the 19th and 20th centuries.




The Indian print media consists of 41 centenarians. The Gujarati daily Bombay Samachar, published from Mumbai, is the oldest existing newspaper. It was established in 1822. 738 more words

News Agencies

HENCHMEN have arrived!

Welcome to the first Wednesday of the rest of eternity…

Enter the hellishly-comical cubicle underworld inhabited by Mort and Cyrus, two demons just doing their jobs. 163 more words


Words from John McCain are too little, too late

John McCain, U.S. senator from Arizona, made an impassioned condemnation of “spurious nationalism” Monday night in Philadelphia.

Using his acceptance speech for the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal to issue a call to American ideals, McCain cautioned the U.S. 540 more words

Media Enjoys the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. Are You Kidding?

Freedom of Speech and Expression is the right that the media enjoys irrespective of the geographical, social and religious boundaries they operate in. Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides the fourth pillar of democracy the complete right to put forth the facts they come across and present it the way they are. 544 more words


Why Should America Support Israel?

Hi everyone!  We’re in the midst of considering some key questions regarding Israel.  About once a week we turn to short educational videos from to answer those key questions. 26 more words