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No, NFL Players Do Not Have A Constitutional Right To Protest During The National Anthem

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the calls for a constitutional challenge to the new NFL policy against protests during the National Anthem.  1 174 ord igjen


Political Overload

I have been outraged by politicians and the political machine in the past. I have argued, shared posts, called various political figures and expressed my views (mostly in writing). 279 ord igjen


It’s Time to Impeach the President, by Wayne Allyn Root

Notice the title didn’t say which president it was time to impeach. From Wayne Allyn Root at

Liberals will be shocked to hear this. Yes, I finally agree. 349 ord igjen


The Reluctant NFL Boycott

On August 31, 2017, I gave up on a lifelong passion.:

“Sadly, after many years of fantasy and a lifetime of watching football, I’m done,” I wrote on Facebook. 820 ord igjen

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