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Jerusalem to Mecca - Did Allah Change His Mind?

Did Allah change his mind?
If not, why Qibla changed from Petra to Mecca?
What was the reason?

A = Arina
C = A Christian…

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Saudi Arabia 'could block Nigerians from Hajj'

Saudi authorities are threatening to bar Nigerians from attending this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca over fears they could spread Lassa fever, Nigeria’s National Hajj Commission has said. 155 ord igjen


Why Raja Alem is Publishing 'Sarab' in Translation Before She Publishes in Arabic

On April 16, award-winning Saudi novelist Raja Alem’s Sarab appeared in German translation by Hartmut Fähndrich. According to Publishers WeeklyHoopoe Fiction has signed English rights, and an English translation by Leri Price is scheduled for October 2018. 420 ord igjen


Mecca - Channeled Text

The feline Lyrans have been protecting earth for billions of years. There were many incidents aimed to destroy earth. The Reptilians wanted earth for themselves – the dinosaur experiment was not working. 776 ord igjen

Ivan Teller

Stories of compassion, equality & humility Muslims grow up with

The moral of the stories is to drive home the centrality of Islam as a faith: compassion

Aligned closely with India’s political mood has been the business of generating Television Rating Point for advertising revenue over the last three and a half years. 994 ord igjen


A day in the life of a broke bitch

Sunday, April 22

It was a brisk Sunday morning. Way colder than it should have been for April. I still had my comforter, two big blankets, and long pants on when I went to bed it was that cold. 1 563 ord igjen

'Number of Britons' dead in Saudi Arabia coach crash on way to Mecca

Four British people have died and 12 others are hurt after being involved in a coach crash while on pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Foreign Office has confirmed a number of Britons have died in a serious car crash in Saudi Arabia. 271 ord igjen