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day 73

Finally posting again after a break of several weeks because of my M.E. kicking me about.


Why fighting for my life made me start to live it

I lost my ability to walk, could hardly talk. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t draw or play football or doing anything I used to do before around Easter 2014. 419 more words

The Unwanted Season, Episode 14 (One Week Down: Things I Have Learnt)

Not sleeping doesn’t mean not resting. I have discovered being awake does not mean I have to start tearing around at the speed of light. It means if I do 10 minutes cooking and have to sit down and read for half an hour (with 5 minutes complete rest in that), then that’s ok. 702 more words

Life + Faith

The reality of Severe ME/CFS

Most people don’t really know what ME/CFS is. And that means a lot of their opinions and judgements on it are shaped by how it is portrayed in the media, which hasn’t always been friendly to us sufferers. 55 more words


A *lightweight* workout

I made it to the gym today and yawned my way through a very slow bike warm up.   I had the bike set to a really low setting and pedalled slowly – even lowered my head to the handle bars at one point and almost dosed off. 132 more words


Milestones or moments?

Milestones are things that I have started to think about recently. Some people don’t chose to notice or celebrate them and a milestone that is important to one person won’t even factor into someone else’s life. 1 656 more words

New City New Beginnings

I don’t know how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post but so much has happened in my life lately and I thought it was time I sat down and updated you all on what’s been happening. 430 more words

Life With Me