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Do you ever feel like running away?

Remember as a child, sometimes things weren’t going your way and you decided that the only option left was to pack your ‘Disney’ backpack, stomp out the door and run away (only to return home a few hours later when you got hungry or it got dark!!)??   798 more words


Harvest time!


  • –  Weather is cooling down
  • –  Buyers are in and ready to buy
  • –  Days are getting shorter …
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Maintenance Engineering

Sunshine & Showers

I’m feeling a bit rubbish at the mo.  Physically and emotionally.  My health always goes downhill in Autumn usually at the start of September, although this year because September was warm and sunny I’ve had a reprieve and it’s really only been in the last week or so.  580 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

After being diagnosed with M.E. I lost my job and my boyfriend - but I won't lose my spirit

In 2009 I was diagnosed with M.E. I’m not bed bound or anything and I can still get about when I’m able, but I can’t do what I used to at all. 667 more words

Chronic Illness

President Curt Kesselring "Harve$t Time Is Here!"


Every account in your file box can be repeated 1-5+ times between now and Awards Year-end in January! You worked hard to open and develop your account base. 229 more words

Maintenance Engineering

Recognition At Last!

I’ve been waiting for an article like this for years now and at last The Telegraph have finally said something that all M.E sufferers have been saying and waiting on for years; the recognition we have all been so desperate for; for the medical world to apologise for their mistreatment and disbelief. 33 more words

Chronic Illness


Today, protesters are leaving empty shoes in public spaces in cities across the world to raise awareness of the debilitating illness M.E. The shoes represent the #MillionsMissing. 52 more words