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life and post viral syndrome update

So recently my post viral syndrome has been very bad ive been falling asleep between 12pm and 5pm then waking up between 6am and 10am. Today on October the 23rd 2016 i went to sleep around 11.30pm and woke up at around 9am to me this is progress. 137 more words


In Sickness and in Health

I remember lying on the sofa as a small child with an ear ache, the sound of my mum’s knitting needles a soothing background to the pain; click clack, click clack; or the almost silence of her breathing as she tackled a pile of mending – darning socks, patching knees, turning collars….. 654 more words


Stoopid is Stoopid Does

I hate this illness. First I miss years of school because of it and now as I begin studying (again) at the age of 39, I find it’s taken me about five goes to get right something I would otherwise think of as basic algebra. 55 more words

Life Goes On

Family, Reintegration & DDR:

– by Ardra Manasi:  The New School

The measurement of DDR outcomes and the evaluation of its success often poses serious challenges. The complexity of the third generation DDR approaches, typified by measures in countering violent extremism (CVE), lies in its shift of engagement from state centric actors to non-state actors, that include often violent extremist (VE) groups like Taliban as in the context of Afghanistan. 746 more words


Weekly roundup

It’s Autumn here in the UK.  It’s not the turning leaves or the nip in the air that gives the game away though.  Oh no.  It’s the patter of tiny feet on my bedroom ceiling, or occasionally scampering down the inside of my ½ a metre thick cobblestone walls.  708 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

One year on: what I would like my friends to know 

I am so lucky to have a wonderful support network who have been with me over the past few years, my mum and boyfriend, and also friends from the local Green Party, the universities I’ve attended and one lovely friend from high school too! 2 381 more words


My Friend || A CFS poem

She’s back again, that friend I never asked for
Although she never truly left
She rested, napped, hibernated
Now it’s my turn to sleep.

I stand and walk, she pulls at me, 71 more words