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What is helpful and what is not..

I’m going to put one of those disclaimers right here..this is what has been helpful for ME during my own personal journey with CFS/M.E..i am NOT recovered…but i am getting there..slowly but surely. 1 085 more words


I hate getting so stupidly tired when in reality I’ve hardly done anything. It is exceedingly frustrating. I am trying to get my house organised and decluttered because I think that that will help make everything run smoother even when I’m not well. 380 more words

Life Goes On

ME, Myslf and I: Painting and Arty Things or Finding Old Hobbies

I think I did a post on hobbies before, I can’t remember if I did or not, if not then maybe I’ll do it next week as I have a good list of lower energy hobbies that I’ve tried that are great for low energy days or if you’re more severely affected. 1 977 more words


Cross and angry with my body

I got back from the gym a couple of hour ago and it is only now that I feel well enough to type.  I knew my body was an arse but tonight it out-arsed itself and now I feel really frustrated. 844 more words