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Not the start I'd hoped for...

I started this blog not so long ago and hoped to blog in detail about my health journey and trying to get my life on track. 536 more words


30 day illness quiz

Day 1.  
Introduce yourself. What illnesses do you have? How long have you had them?
I have suffered with Myalgic Encephalopathy since 1998; and Depression with Psychotic features since 1999. 1 074 more words


What's With All The Hate?

A popular M.E. patient activist reposted an epic troll comment, in which she was vilified, on her Facebook page last night. (Purposely not linked) Trolls are everywhere and the comment, though particularly eloquently vicious, was not that surprising. 410 more words

A new initiative: Project Hold Back (PHB)!

On my quest for recovery, always whispering in the back of my head has been the question of whether i have really taken rest as far as it can go. 670 more words

Pieces of me.

‘One Day, this pain came and it took me away, piece by tiny little piece. And quick as a flash, eventually, I realised it had all but destroyed me. 196 more words

Reebok X Melody Ehsani 2nd Capsule Collection Available Now

Sneaker giant Reebok and jewelry designer Melody Ehsani have teamed up again for their latest collaboration. For the first time, Reebok offers their Blacktop Pump in a trendier sneaker wedge style and 119 more words

Good Muca Bad Sash