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Diy Coffee Scrub

I have read and heard a lot about coffee scrubs lately. They are supposed to be really good for your skin and are able to help with a lot of things. 410 more words


ME, Myself and I: Studying

As I’m finishing my degree in a couple of weeks I thought now seems a good time to make a post about it. I’ve been meaning to post it a few times before but I ended up with other ideas or things happened and as I’m not going to be studying for much longer now seems as good a time as any. 1 586 more words


Brain Fog: My greatest hits

While brain fog is not a symptom unique to the ME/CFS community (MS sufferers call it Cog Fog and those with Fibromyalgia call it Fibro Fog) it is one that can rule our lives at times. 2 450 more words


Weekly roundup

I’ve had two comments left on my blog this week telling me how to cure myself.  One is to have coffee enemas and the other is to avoid high oxylate foods like almonds and spinach, all packaged foods and wheat.  780 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Maple Leaf

Here is a photograph of a maple leaf on the tree in my back garden. I like sitting under the maple and looking up. The leaves are a wonderful colour and shape and the sky always looks bluer through the maple’s leaves. 25 more words


The Dust Is Everywhere

I was right in thinking that this week was going to be busy. The painters have finished and the ceilings are looking really good. There is just the clean up job now. 169 more words


M.E and Apps

Disappointingly my M.E. has been much worse this past week. Walking is really difficult and my legs are buckling under me. My sleep is really bad too. 150 more words