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Weekly roundup

My biological Dad died on Friday following a massive stroke.  My Mum left my Dad when I was 7 and my brother was 9.  My brother stayed living with my Dad in the Midlands, and I moved 200 miles north with my Mum to Cumbria as that’s where she was from.  821 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Lurking Lurgy

Ah, it had to happen. I’ve had such a good run since Christmas, but this week has brought the familiar warning signs, swollen glands, vibrations in my limbs (always a weird one), a body that seems to have forgotten quite how to move, and a brain that’s slowly shutting down, to the point of only being able to tolerate QVC.I know these signs, and I know the balance needs to be redressed. 214 more words


The Spoon Theory Was Supposed to Explain Chronic Fatigue

The Spoon Theory was supposed to explain constant low energy, or chronic fatigue.

But unfortunately, people started jumping on the «low energy reserve train» and started categorizing general «spoons» into different subcategories to better fit… 142 more words

Confused again.
At times like these I wish I didn’t have an interest in fashion or design. Dysphoria comes back whenever I attempt to transition from one minor obsession to another. 271 more words

Psychological Illness

Physical energy vs. "Mental" Energy

A constant lack of energy, in a biomedical sense, is chronic fatigue. And chronic fatigue always stems from the physical body, both the head and the lower body, giving sufferers cognitive impairment in return. 90 more words

Today 14/2/2017


this is a valentine’s day…… everything’s ok ??

haha….i’m very ok though i’m without boyfriends. becausse of i have friends >< exectly, they’re single the same me……………… 8 more words


"But everyone gets tired..."

I understand. It sucks to get 6-7 hours of sleep and then leave a long day at work or school feeling tired. But the point is that no matter how many hours of sleep we get, whether it be 3 hours a night or 14, we’ll always wake up the same, which is fatigued. 154 more words