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BUYER: Any questions they ask…
REP: Your answer: “Good question; I’ll get back to that later.”

• 99% OF THE TIME you won’t have to come back to this question because by the end of your presentation the Buyer will be satis ed that your product is High Quality AND will ll their needs. 105 more words

Maintenance Engineering

The doctor, the hammer, and ME

I’m lying on a paper-covered couch having my knee bonged assiduously by the doctor.

My mum and I have waited for 40 minutes in a very efficient and cleverly process-designed hospital, sipping water we’ve brought (hottest day of the year). 1 176 more words


Vice President Dennis Leno "AVOID POLITICS"

In the next 4 months we will be living in overheated news cycles, the likes of which we have never seen before. People will be barraged with commercials, e-mails, messages, billboards, and sound bites none of which will help for maintaining a positive healthy attitude. 88 more words

Maintenance Engineering

ME, Myself and I (kind of): I'm Melting 

I think it’s a fairly universal thing with ME but this recent heat in the UK is really not helping my symptoms. It seems to make everything worse so I’ve ended up finding ways to cope with the heat. 534 more words


President Curt Kesselring "WHAT WOULD A TOP PRODUCER DO?!"

Every person who joins M.E. wants to be successful…wants to be a Top Producer with a Top Producer income. The question on every M.E. salesperson’s mind is the same…“How do I become a Top Producer?” 258 more words

Maintenance Engineering

Did you know?? MR-16 fixtures..

Did you know that all MR-16 fixtures are supposed to have a glass lens over the front of the lamp? However, many MR-16 fixtures are missing those lenses, as they tend to get broken or lost over time. 22 more words

Maintenance Engineering

Textling #52

Suddenly a third illness looms, and I am scared and unsettled in strange, contrary ways, hoping for and dreading yet another diagnosis. Time for a professional disease (not this preposterous amateur affliction); a new label, steel blue, rule book cool, with proper treatment options, and above all else: one where fatigue is a side show and not the centre, the crummy sun around which all of life revolves. 147 more words