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Weekly roundup

I seem to have had lots of new followers in the past couple of weeks, so «hi» and *waves* to you all, though why any of you want to listen to me rabbiting on is anyone’s guess ;-) 652 ord igjen

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Ask and it shall be given to you

I have just worn myself out over a couple of hours by finding the number and then texting each person I could think of that would pass my house on the way to church. 328 ord igjen

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Textling #105

Mag plucked reasons to be thankful from egregious days. I mean to follow suit, shall practise gratitude conscientiously. This morning’s list, to linger over (note to self!), details eased loose from concertina folds of anxious mind: hearing the voices of my family, over the telephone, means so much; writing when hope and mettle need retouching; ferocious skull-pain dulling; a meditation buddy; chums who keep in touch; Meryl, my sparkle-hearted carer, humming while she works; the taste of cauliflower, oven-baked, bedecked with turmeric; knowing Mag, for a little while; and, these last few weeks, scattered yet finely tuned exchanges with two #BedFest friends, one old, one new, who seem to see me from their bedsteads on another continent. 15 ord igjen

The Fellowship of Suffering

Today, I was grateful for the suffering of having M.E. Does that sound weird? After all, this disease made my body totally collapse for a time and turned my life upside down. 598 ord igjen

Some tips for interacting with people who are sick

Do you wonder how best to interact with people who are sick? Or maybe more to the point what not to say and do? Clearly everyone is different so there are not hard and fast rules but here are a few of my thoughts after 3.5 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome an ‘invisible illness’ where most of the time I look healthy. 624 ord igjen

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When the doctors don’t listen

Warning: this post is about my gastroenterology problems and therefore contains TMI about my poop.

The specialist nurse called today. I was wanting to be taken off azathioprine because it doesn’t seem to be doing anything after 13 weeks at my current dose. 355 ord igjen

Invisible Illness

A Mother's Pain - Closed Doors

I feel such emotion reading the last words of this story. I can feel her pain so much, the sense of hopelessness. I feel the same thing when I see my sister so ill, this dark shadow creeping across the world stealing people’s live’s away and leaving them in suffering, agonised filled darkness.