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I love my powerchair! Today I went shopping like a Normal Person & got some bargains in the summer sales 🙂


Weekly roundup

My Mum had a massive surprise this week.  She answered the door and her brother and sister-in-law were standing there.  Nothing unusual in that, only they emigrated to Australia 35 years ago and Mum hasn’t seen them for nearly a decade :-)   They were here to attend a wedding and I went to see them in all their finery.  803 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Betty sleeping 

I love it when my furbabies are sleeping and not shouting or ‘helping’ me to do stuff 😁 They’re nice when they’re awake, too, but it’s very tiring looking after two doglets!


Sugar Fuelled Day

Yesterday was a busy day, to say the least. I had to attend another college meeting about my next year at college, as I’m unable to keep up with a level 3 course and 2 GCSE’s along side it. 587 more words


Steady steps

This is how I feel. I love starting a new course, making plans that will be changed, all the hope that grows from a new beginning. 407 more words


Not Bad Enough

One of the worst things for me living with multiple chronic illnesses is the loneliness.

When I say loneliness, I don’t mean I don’t have an amazing support system and a truly wonderful family, because I do and I’m forever grateful for them. 652 more words


A candle for Merryn 

This is for Merryn, who died recently due to complications of severe M.E. Today is her funeral.