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Weekly roundup

The start of the week was one of the nicest times I’ve had all year.  My crippling exhaustion and dizziness has lately subsided and I actually felt pretty good for once, or at least I would have done if I hadn’t woken barely able to move my head or left arm having done something to the top of my spine in my sleep.  1 083 ord igjen

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

I'm alright

Don’t tell me it’ll be ok

Maybe just this once

I want to break

No regression toward the mean

No more silence

I need it to be seen… 519 ord igjen

Writing & Blogging

M E D I C A L | Cesarean Section

Year 2009.


I was pregnant with Princess C. At around 7 months, I decided to check out the pre natal class offered by the hospital. 956 ord igjen



I love to read.

When I was young, during my junior school years, I would spend most of my times in the library. I still remember that my favourite Disney princess during that time was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 227 ord igjen


Textling #95

Credible year, the sweet with the rough. Downward slope chez moi, but:

Heard (and spoke) poetry twice; lay in grass by last unshorn lavender field. Talked more, picked up the tab with huffs and puffs. 100 ord igjen

Weekly roundup

This week my blog had its 800,000th visitor, a fact which totally blows my mind.  The power of the internet is both awesome and terrifying and the fact I can reach people half way round the world from my bed is gobsmacking.  1 330 ord igjen

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

So Small

I am just so small
Overwhelmed with it all
I need to help
Ease the unrest
And the pain
But here is me
Overwhelmed again

8 December 2017