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Right Wrong

What’s right… what is wrong..
Never we heed… to dive beyond..

The path we choose, is the path we lead
Right or wrong.. change seldom screams. 15 ord igjen



All we do is crave..
From dreams to actions,
From actions to directions.
All we do is crave.
Time to think is what we lack, 93 ord igjen


JULY 18, 1980 ("Dog Eat Dog”)

From the series “1980”, written each day of 1980…


Another day

another cliché.


Nose to the grindstone,

my nose is wearing down!

The wheel grinds to a halt… 93 ord igjen


The most relaxed morning ever...

Is it Saturday today?

I kept saying this in my head.

I was so calm – unlike the usual sense of rushing and counting down to the weekend which came on a Wednesday morning. 440 ord igjen


The 4 Levels of Learning

   Jordan Belfort talks about 4 levels of learning whenever we want to gain a new skill.

  1. Unconscious Incompetent (let’s call it I don’t know I know sh*t…
  2. 447 ord igjen

Luke 6:31

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

Words Of Eternal Life

Know When To Take A Break

Life is busy.

Everything seems so fast-paced.

Whilst it’s important to work, make money & earn a living, sometimes we need to stop.

As well as my day job and writing for this job, I have a number of other projects n the go including a photography YouTbe channel where I create weekly vlogs about photography, a specific location or an adventure to find a picture. 125 ord igjen