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Sleeping in doorways
Desperation overwhelms
Must be first within

Outside bright windows
Cardboard mattress keeps him warm
Held thick winter coats

Choosing homelessness
She walks into the sunset… 84 more words


LIFE is not Easy 

Life is not easy.

Life is a battle that needs to ne fight everyday but fight the real war with a real weapon.

Life is about respect. 98 more words


Last Grey Note

#WillNeverForget the #23rdPage, for,

A Year of Silence,

A Year of Wait,

A Year of Questions,

A Year of Hope,

A Year of Dreams, 204 more words



The slow breaths, reminiscence
of what I have been through
Pain, agony left behind
All that had to be won; lost
and all that to be lost; won. 168 more words


10 Questions Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Ask (3 min read)

1. If I could change one thing about myself that’s been holding me back, what would it be? 

This is a tough question since many of us are in denial when it comes to changing the habits that hold us back the most. 567 more words

Millionaire's Digest

Hokkaido Winter Drive - Jozankei to Otaru

Day 2 of our road trip was an incredibly scenic drive through the hills to the port town of Otaru. This leg was a truly magical experience, passing by dams, lakes, and ski resorts, taking us through all sorts of snowy roads and tunnels. 571 more words


Never planned, corrected or directed - guidelines (poetics) of style.

I can’t remember all the literary words and phrases I would have once used to describe the headline above. Of course, i could look them up but then I would be possibly giving the impression that this is somehow planned; it isn’t. 507 more words