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voice lesson

Songwriters worry a lot about finding their voice. We all find our voice, though. By the time you’re ten or more years into your craft, you find it. 99 ord igjen

A little Something about Me

My name is Asiyah. I am currently 28 years old living in the Savannah Ga area. I am a mother of two children. As I write this I laugh out loud because this sounds so formal or dating app-ish. 181 ord igjen

Wander and Wonder

Wherever you wander or wonder, I am always with you.


Quote for the day🌷

Some of the best days of your life haven’t even happened yet. How divine? – Lalah Delia


Anniversary Gift - A Blind Date

Anniversaries tend to ignite some special emotions within us, may it be the Birth anniversary or Marriage anniversary or some other anniversary. And one of such so- called anniversaries was on my calendar this month (October 2017). 701 ord igjen


I am so guilty of hanging onto things. I can rework a scenario 1000x in my mind.. but we all know there is no going back to actually change the situation.

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