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An Idiot Abroad

I’m a sucker for travel articles and shows, but so much of it focuses on controlling every aspect of travel. Or, worse, they come off as show-offy and unrelatable. 327 ord igjen



I tend to daydream often when things are feeling quite right. Sometimes my dreams are fond memories, sometimes they are imaginative plotlines. Either way, these wide-awake dreams help me escape from a moment that I would rather not experience. 378 ord igjen


Where have you been

I’ve been here in my own world, riding this never ending roller coaster. My therapist told me to write a blog post, so here I am…writing a blog post. 498 ord igjen


Unbespoken 1: Where do I Belong?

If I do nothing, then I’m gonna disappear right?
So there’s nothing else left for me to do for me but fight.
All of my own battles, each and every one… 395 ord igjen


What I Really, Truly Need Right Now

Every single thing about this day annoys the fuck out of my senses. I think this is a lot more than just me PMS-ing. I think I’m just really pissed off for some reason and I need to get my finger on that reason pronto before I erupt like the fucking Mayon Volcano — … 370 ord igjen


Limericks 'R' Us


At one of the online magic forums, there’s a game  I’ve contributed to through many years concerning limericks. One person suggests a first line for a limerick, and the next person has to complete the limerick. 188 ord igjen


Spring, Life's New Start!

Missed starting over for the New Year, like so many do?  Don’t feel bad.  It may have been Day 1 on the calendar, but Mother Nature begins anew with… 305 ord igjen