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Students and 3D Printing

This week we’ve had a few college students drop by the Makerspace in order to work on their school project. Their professor had them design components in CAD software and required a physical representation of their work. 103 ord igjen


Fidget Spinners

You may not have heard of them until recently, but this popular toy is making a come-back from its origin in the 1990’s when it was simply called a «spinner». 183 ord igjen

South San Francisco Public Library

May the 4th

What better way to break in our new Green Screen on May the 4th than with a little Star Wars fun? The Green Screen is available at Main library and we have a dedicated iPad, tripod, and props for use. 81 ord igjen


Summer Learning

South San Francisco Public Library, both Main and Grand libraries, are offering adult courses for digital literacy as well as children’s courses involving 3D printing, design, and robotics! 43 ord igjen


Robot Mazes

Today we had engineers pilot test our newest addition to the LibLab Makerspace at Main; Robot Maze courses! The structural pieces are cardboard and the connectors were 3D printed here at the library. 62 ord igjen


June Technology & Makerspace Classes

You’ve seen our equipment in the library. Don’t be afraid to use it! We’ll show you how this summer during our free Technology & Makerspace Classes! 216 ord igjen


3D Design

Have you gotten the hang of 3D printing using files designed by someone else?

Are you ready to start designs of your own? It’s simple to add your name to existing files that allow customization. 68 ord igjen