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Spread joy with bubbles (*´ ˘ `*).。oO

There’s an elderly man who comes to the park
occasionally after school.
He wears a white hat and carries a bag with
two bubble swords and a big bottle of bubble soap. 108 ord igjen
Quote Of The Day

That'll do

Just off from gettin’ schooled.

Met with D, who’s profession is marketing. Man, have I lucked out! Man, has the theatre group lucked out!! She’s focused, current, and knowledgeable. 564 ord igjen

Daily Funny - Day #46

I’ve lost my home, I’ve lost control and I can’t see any escape. I give up!

Tomorrow i’m going down to the store and buy myself a new keyboard! 9 ord igjen


Touching Clouds

«Fog,» my then three-year-old daughter explained very earnestly to me as we walked along together one day, «is a cloud you can touch.»

It’s one of the many interesting things my younger child has informed me of over the years, but I remember it particularly well because I made a note of it on my iPhone, along with the date she said it.  236 ord igjen

15 February. Little Flowers XLVII: Brother Ruffino 4, the beautiful sermon.

Of the beautiful sermon preached in Assisi by Saint Francis and Brother Ruffino

Brother Ruffino, through continual contemplation, was so absorbed in God, that he became as it were insensible and dumb, spake but seldom, and therewithal had neither the gift of preaching, nor boldness nor eloquence therein; nevertheless Saint Francis on a time bade him go to Assisi and preach to the people whatsoever God might inspire him withal. 274 ord igjen

Daily Reflections


In May of 2018, this guy contacted me on SnapChat. He would always message me but I never really paid him any mind. One day he messaged me and I responded. 1 721 ord igjen


Winter 2019 Grab Bag Week 6: Karakuri Circus

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Karakuri Circus Episode 16

It feels like it’s been a while since I talked about this series, but I’ve been keeping up with it on the side. 300 ord igjen