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Days Like This

Good Morning!  I planned to write this blog post before any distractions clouded my mind.  I’ve already scrolled through Facebook, checked email, checked weather for today and Thanksgiving day in three different cities.  816 ord igjen


Love is All

~~~~~ Ancient before time
Impenetrable void waited
Crawled from its atomic shell
Instantaneous illumination flared Newborn
This moment
A swirling figure 170 ord igjen
Thoughts About Change

Screw Adulting

I have been thinking about this for a while. I start off a lot of blogs like this, but it’s true. I KNOW you all struggle with this. 541 ord igjen

Plato, The Republic, Book 7 (Two Kinds of Disturbances of the Eyes)

Socrates: …The realm revealed by sight corresponds to the prison, and the light of the fire in the prison to the power of the sun. And you won’t go wrong if you connect the ascent into the upper world and the sight of the objects there with the upward progress of the mind into the intelligible region. 452 ord igjen


Great gifs 17 November 2018 ...

Must watch gifs collected by Bear please click image to view slideshow …

Hope you had a laugh.

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Pruning - Brown Beans - Coal

My husband and I have pruned shrubs on 3 separate occasions in the last several weeks. Prepping for winter at some of his maintenance jobs. Fall clean-up. 1 714 ord igjen