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Folio // Verona - The View from the Top

There’s nothing quite like the experience of viewing a city from above. In a single sweeping 360 degree motion, you can admire an entire landscape sweeping out before you, appreciating its scale and geography, but all seen from above. 285 ord igjen



This trip meant to happen last year … took like a year to book a ticket that cost the whole €6.50 hehe … well, most important it happened… have to say sometimes you have to wait for the best day because the weather was amazing … but let me start at the beginning, which was funny  we woke up at 6 am to be on TIME, yeah lack of planning causes problems … at 8.10am ferry meant to departure but we did not expect Dublin port is big and long from the main gate to our destination point about 3.5km in about 30 min … (and I am not a running person, at all) so after about 1/3 route, I decide to catch a taxi, which was not an easy task… short distance doesn’t do cash, only one very sweet old man decides to stop and help 2 girls to finally achieve their goal and get on a ferry for their dreamed trip to Wales … we got there at the last minute … The HAPPY US !!!   265 ord igjen


Death in the Contemporary World: Perspectives from Public Archaeology

I’m pleased and proud (and exhausted) to announce the publication of my latest edited collection. This open-access digital special issue of ten articles and an Introduction authored by me, appears in the online journal of public archaeology: … 212 ord igjen