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U.S. Denies Visas to Narco-Terrorist Albanian Leaders Running Kosovo

If only Hillary was in the White House. She would have welcomed these Narco-Terrorists with open arms…

No Kosovo official will be getting US visas – report… 222 ord igjen


Goodbye to a Misguided War on Coal

By Rupert Darwall and Myron Ebell – Re-Blogged From Washington Times


The unexpected departure of Dr. Jim Yong Kim as president of the World Bank… 780 ord igjen

Foreign Policy

Black swans haunt Eurasia’s Great Game

The battle lines in the 21st century’s Great Game aimed at shaping the creation of a new Eurasia-centred world, built on the likely fusion of Europe and Asia into what former Portuguese Europe minister… 1 050 ord igjen


Kosovo: Day 13 (Finale)

Today was our last day in Kosovo, after an amazing two weeks. We travelled to the city of Vushtrri to meet with the mayor and see some of the notable sights in the area and then finished the trip out with a bang. 543 ord igjen


Let It Snow!

Hello friends! Not a lot of huge things happened in the past couple of weeks, it has been rather mellow. The weather has been below freezing and delightfully snowy for most of January, which has meant that classes have only been thirty minutes long and all extra classes have been canceled. 1 247 ord igjen


Violent Raid of Serbian meeting in Kosovo by Albanian Militia - Video 3:21

Serbian negotiator Marko Djuric was arrested by Albanians with machine guns, body armour, and black masks for attending a peaceful meeting in the Serbian province of Kosovo.   56 ord igjen


Kosovo: Day 12

Today was one of the most unique days of the trip. While we had a few other things planned, we ended up only having time to go to the Brezovica Ski Resort today. 130 ord igjen