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2017 - The Balkans - Day 1

Day 1, 15th April 2017

Technically, the first day on this trip was 14th April, but our activities on that day can be covered succinctly in one paragraph. 713 ord igjen


Ten Years of Independence: All about Kosovo and the challenges to come.

The Republic of Kosovo is a disputed territory and partially-recognised state in South-east Europe that declared independence from Serbia on the 17th February 2008. Kosovo has been conquered by the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Serbian Empires, part of the Ottoman Empire and then more recently, part of Yugoslavia. 1 158 ord igjen


My Month in Under 5 Minutes: September 2018

I know I didn’t write a single blog post in the month of September, other than the posting of August’s monthly video. I have some general ideas of things I could write, but honestly I was left incredibly uninspired and a bit of an emotional wreck last month. 15 ord igjen

Kosovo: The Camping Catastrophe

Oof.  This post is suuuuper late.  As you can imagine, it’s easy to get caught up in life abroad.  Now that the school year is in full swing, I find it hard to find time (and energy) to sit down and write sometimes.  1 073 ord igjen


Kosovo - Rent a Land, Build Your Dream

Vraćajući se iz jedne od najnovijih država – tvorevina, nastalih na Balkanu započinjem priču, koja je svojstvena današnjem vremenu, ali i onom vremenu prije, kako bismo mi Bosanci rekli, prije rata. 2 839 ord igjen



Kaixo, kaixo balkanzaleok!

Uda gogor baten ostean, hemen dago berriz Tesla Ordua! Aurten erronka edo herrenka gogorragoa izango dugu, izan ere, gure agendak asko estutu baitira, eta gure irisgarritasuna mugatu. 755 ord igjen

WEF INITIATIVE: Kosovar and Serbian leaders meet in Switzerland



Kosovo’s president faces protest at home over his plans to «correct» the border with Serbia.


Nine top officials from the Balkans and central Europe are meeting in Geneva at the invitation of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to discuss economic integration and collaboration. 212 ord igjen