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Kosovo Force (KFOR) Soldiers Participate in 5K Run

More than 140 Kosovo Force (KFOR) Soldiers participated in a 5k run/walk hosted by the KFOR Irish Contingent at Camp Bondsteel March 10, 2019. Runners were delighted with great weather and a challenging route. 57 ord igjen


Pročka (Prochka)

Welcome to another holiday-focused blog post! So far we have covered Slavas and Orthodox Christmas. This time we are covering Pročka, which occurs seven Sundays before Orthodox Easter and marks the last day before Lent. 1 133 ord igjen


Book Review: KOSOVO CROSSING - American Ideals meet reality on the Balkan Battlefields, by David Fromkin

Review:   The aftermath of the conflict in Kosovo poses a major challenge to the United States as the world’s preeminent power. Leading NATO into the first war of its fifty-year existence, America sought to carve out a new role both for the alliance and for itself in establishing a new and more moral world order. 926 ord igjen

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The newest batch of Kosovo Peace Corps Volunteers have started getting ready for departure and with that came a lot of questions about what to bring and what not to bring. 1 659 ord igjen


❗️ Kosovo: I visit NATO's Camp Bondsteel

Graham Phillips Visit’s NATO’s Camp Bondsteel! MUST SEE VIDEOS HERE!

Read the basics of Camp Bondsteel at Wikipedia.

About Camp Bondsteel and Kosovo Army, here.

About ISIS and Camp Bondsteel, here.

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Balkan Report: Pauvre Serbie, Pauvres Serbes


March 10, 2019

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog

In World War I, there was a popular refrain in France and the West generally expressing sympathetic support for their gallant Serbian allies, who were standing up to combined enemy armies on the Salonica front:  1 378 ord igjen