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Albert Camus on Kabyle democracy.

Thus would be realized in the heart of the Kabyle country a sort of small federal republic inspired by the principles of a really deep democracy. 418 ord igjen


Sony Labou Tansi

Sony Labou Tansi ©Desjeux

Who is Sony Labou Tansi? The one that we consider today as one of the greatest African writers of French expression is not born in a day. 283 ord igjen


Of Arabism, Zionism, and Journeys…

Recently, Caroline Glick, a much-admired analyst for those who desire a fair shake for all the various peoples in the age of nationalism in the Middle East and adjacent lands–i.e., Arabs, but also scores of millions of… 2 996 ord igjen


Interview with Ferhat Mehenni at the European Parliament

Hello everyone and welcome to the European Parliament here at the Vox Box

I am with the president of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia Ferhat Mehenni, welcome … and author of the book: «Memorandum for independence» which refers to Kabylia. 1 206 ord igjen


UN should send Mission to Kabylia

Statelessness: Kabyle Prime Minister Zidane Lafdal Proposes UN to Send Mission to Kabylia.

Madam President, Honorable Members of the Bureau, Honorable Representatives of Minority Peoples and NGOs, After Mr Mehenni’s presentation on the statelessness of the Kabyles targeted by the Algerian repression, I would like to reflect on those of the peoples. 254 ord igjen


Kabylia on the agenda of the 11th session of the United Nations Forum on Minorities

The Kabylia issue will be on the agenda of the eleventh session of the Minorities Forum, which will take place from 28 to 30 November 2018 at UN headquarters in Geneva. 460 ord igjen


Kabylia vs Algeria: clash of civilizations

The language war triggered by the refusal of Algerians to study Tamazight and which in turn pushed the Kabyles to apply the principle of reciprocity, further reveals the depth of political and civilizational clashes between Algeria and Kabylia and the immense fracture between these two countries. 1 124 ord igjen