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The postcolonial state has remained the child of colonization

Industrial development of the eighteenth century in Europe gave rise to the need for market expansion well beyond the Old Continent. It was accomplished by the colonization which, unbeknownst to its supporters, laid the foundations of globalization. 1 339 ord igjen


Fanproduktioner: Visit Qo´noS på Turteatern.

Turteatern är inne på sin sista spelvecka för produktionen Visit Qo’noS – en föreställning där ett gäng klingoner håller en informationsträff för att locka människor att turista på sin värld. 481 ord igjen


Anavad Communique: "Catalonia has earned the right to its Republic"

The Spanish police deployment did not prevent the holding of the self-determination referendum in Catalonia.

The use of force against voters determined to make their voices heard in favour of their independence, democratically and peacefully, has made Spain lose face, where the old demons of Francoism are dangerously awakening. 298 ord igjen


The world needs sovereign peoples to get out of the colonial night of fake independences

The existence of people (recognized as such) without states is an anomaly in itself, by which de facto disqualifies the international organizations (UN , unesco, etc.) and the so-called influential states that compose them in the will to solve the problems of these people. 254 ord igjen

Freedom Of Speech

All our solidarity with Kurdistan and Catalonia.

Beyond the frank and open hostility of the neighboring states of Iraq, Iran and Turkey to the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan; in Kabylie, it is with particular interest that we observe the reactions of international institutions that are supposed to guarantee respect for the right of peoples to self-determination; just as we observe with attention the «edifying» reactions of the great Western nations, especially those who claim to be «references» in the defense of human rights. 332 ord igjen

Freedom Of Speech

Spanish state coup against Catalan self-determination

Spain has just reached a dangerous impasse. This 20/09/2017, by making a state coup against Catalonia’s right to self-determination, it is all Catalans who are being pushed into the camp of the independentists. 182 ord igjen


Referendum in Kurdistan: France enemy of the Human rights and of peoples rights, genitor of the mythical Arab world is on the alert.

Brussels: Kabyle militants present at Kurdistan independence march

The address of the Schuman roundabout, the seat of the European institutions, experienced on Saturday 16 September an intense occupation by dozens of Kurds from the Benelux countries, in support of the referendum poll of 25 September 2017, aimed at the independence of the Kurdistan. 337 ord igjen

Freedom Of Speech