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The Tunisian constitution is racist

It is forbidden by law to wear an Amazigh first name in Tunisia

The municipality of Sfax had indeed refused to register a new born with the name Amazigh «Massin». 136 ord igjen


Call for Israeli solidarity

Kabyle blogger Merzouk Touati completes a month-long hunger strike. Unjustly sentenced to 7 years in prison for interviewing a former Israeli official. Kabylia supports him and demands his unconditional release. 137 ord igjen

Freedom Of Speech

MAK and Anavad support Issad Rebrab lynched by Algerian colonial junta

While the developed and civilized world continues to roll out the red carpet for Issad Rebrab, recognizing his status as an extraordinary industry captain, because he loves his native Kabylia, continues to be seriously abused, sabotaged and lynched by the Algerian Arab-Salafist colonial junta. 367 ord igjen


Independence is a political issue

Ferhat Mehenni: «Independence is a political issue and does not depend on war»

We are a civilized and intelligent people. That’s why we are going to put together our body of Anaya.

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The legacy of Matoub Lounès

Twenty years after his despicable assassination by the Algerian government, the Kabyle hero Matoub Lounès is more alive than ever because a poet never dies. His thunderous voice still resonates, forever haunting the minds of Islamists and Algerian junta whom he has basically been execrated. 396 ord igjen


The day Kabylia lost its independence

June 24, 1857, this date that every Kabyle should remember. This is the day when Kabylia lost its sovereignty and was annexed to French Algeria, when Kabylia lost the control of his destiny for the first time, after having resisted the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs * , Spaniards, Ottomans … 310 ord igjen


The postcolonial state has remained the child of colonization

Industrial development of the eighteenth century in Europe gave rise to the need for market expansion well beyond the Old Continent. It was accomplished by the colonization which, unbeknownst to its supporters, laid the foundations of globalization. 1 339 ord igjen