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Aladdin's Silver Anniversary

Busy living the dream… That’s us!


Aladdin was released twenty-five years ago, as part of the Disney Renaissance period, although people might be forgetting this in the middle of all the drama over the casting of the live action remake. 1 249 more words

Just Having Fun

The Other Tangled Story

Little bears are spending elevenses today with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and Pascal and Maximus.

When it comes to CG animation there’s one big rule: Never touch the hair. 936 more words

Just Having Fun

The Party Continues

At ABBA The Museum!

Ring, ring!

This is Puffles…

Come to the recording studio?

Dancing Queen…


Where shall we go next? 7 more words

Just Having Fun

Princess Movie Night

Beary princesses are enjoying chocolate cake and watching Moana :smile:

Moana was the first Disney princess film after the world-conquering, billion-dollar-box-office-busting Frozen, and the next princess film after… 1 347 more words

Just Having Fun

First Born, First Wed

After a walk in the park…

In a cool -9 degrees Celsius…

And a bit of downhill skiing :smile:

Little Puffles and Honey are warming up with hot chocolate, lots of biscuits and a Swedish story :smile: 4 712 more words

Just Having Fun

Beauty and the Beast

Beary beauties and rose cupcakes :smile:

Little bears are watching Beauty and the Beast. It was the 30th Disney animated feature film and the third released during the Disney Renaissance period, which started with… 3 704 more words

Just Having Fun