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What is PR? (For 50 points)

The concept of public relations is nothing new. Public relations professionals have been around for a very long time and while much of what they did then is the same now, a lot of what those in public relations do has changed and developed over time. 453 more words


Snapchat is the Answer

Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about the skills and knowledge an individual needs to be successful if they are have a role in public relations and what trends they need to look for. 480 more words


Power, Protection and Public Relations

With the continuous evolution of news media, public relations is quickly adapting. Content outlining upcoming “PR trends” was likely non-existent to early public relations pioneers like Dan Edelman. 187 more words



As I scroll through my Instagram feed, pictures of familiar faces flood my iPhone screen.  Occasionally, however, I come across a picture full of people I do not know.   482 more words


New Models for the Media

With the growth of technology, news-worthy information has become readily available for everyone.  This has become a bitter-sweet situation.  The good side of this situation is the consumers of news are able to get all their information for free through a simple google search.  458 more words

Evolution of Consumption

Everything in this world evolves, whether it is for the good or for the bad change is always bound to happen. The way people consume news and the way we see advertising is done in a very dramatic way, the way people view Public Relations professionals, and most importantly technology. 504 more words

Information Process / Practice

How Public Relations Can Do Wonders

With freedom of press and freedom of speech comes things that can be said but are not particularly true. That ultimately leads to targeting and one-sided news stories that only show the part that makes a certain individual/group look bad. 375 more words

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