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Its a day

By the time today ended, it was a Garfield day. It started as a stressful day. My son ripped the seat out of his pants 3 minutes before the bus came this morning. 210 ord igjen

I woke up later than I wanted to but I woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday so I’m not complaining. My body definitely needed the extra hours of rest. 176 ord igjen



Why do I think about this so often. I know that it’s a sin. It taints my relationship and I am left acting and feeling so insecure about the situation and who I am as a person. 235 ord igjen


Ketika si bungsu masuk sekolah . . .

The day finally comes.. si kecil akhirnya gw putuskan untuk sekolah, kelas toddler..

Rasanya anak yg paling kecil sekolah itu. . .

Aslinya gw happy, biarpun pasti banyak yang komen kenapa kecil2 udh disekolahin, dsb,dst… 67 ord igjen


When your person feels like home

I sit here, over 6,000 miles away from home, in a country still foreign to me. I look around for nooks and corners that will soon turn into regular haunts. 955 ord igjen

Writing & Expression

Yes, I'll Enjoy That

I’m writing for tomorrow. Writing to become to bloom and sink into the ground only to return next spring. I’m writing for right now because in this moment nothing else matters but what word comes next. 73 ord igjen


The Interview

So, I had my job interview today and I think it went well. It’s a new venture, and hopefully they’ll choose me. It’s in hospitality which is a whole new field for me. 87 ord igjen