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Hey, Universe! I have to admit that you treated me fairly yesterday. Or is it just that I treated myself fairly?

Anyway, it was a nice day. 80 ord igjen


«But what do you want?» my therapist asked me a few months ago. The question was productive and maybe two weeks or so ago I realized one morning, while stumbling sleepily down the spiral staircase of the two-story apartment into which my cat and I moved a month and a half ago, that I hadn’t ever really acknowledged that I was sending the world around me mixed messages. 277 ord igjen



The slender shadow of a Carolina palm hardly offered respite from the sun’s ferocity, but I paused beneath it anyway to swipe the hair sticking to my neck. 1 173 ord igjen

What’s the Difference Between Spagyric Extracts and Herbal Tinctures?

Among the few individuals who know what spagyric extracts are, there are still fewer among them who understand that spagyria differs from herbalism and homeopathy. While both have their benefits as alternatives to trending allopathic medicine, and even depend on similar ancient herbal knowledge, there are crucial differences that determine their usefulness in various scenarios. 788 ord igjen


Last Fall

Last fall, a friend asked me to pull up and travel the world with her. The swirling winds in my heart quickened my mind. Possibly neared, for the first time in my life. 175 ord igjen


It’s nice to have friends who think on the same wavelengths we do. That is what friends are for after all. They’re versions of ourselves that we enjoy being around before going home to what you really need, to be with someone very different from us. 263 ord igjen



I’m heading straight into a trap that will vanquish my individuality and alter my destiny forever.

It is the trap of adulthood; of the monotony of survival; of the limited, repetitive, and perfectly unstable future. 521 ord igjen