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Happy Birthday

I never thought I would get married. It’s something that I’ve always wanted but after a four year relationship, I didn’t think love was real. At least not for me. 140 ord igjen


Friday, December 14, 2018

Had a long tiring day. Going to bed early. Write more tomorrow, maybe. Someone should probably remind me because I’ll forget.

  • I’m grateful to spend the afternoon with some amazing people at an awards banquet for the company I volunteer for.
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So if you have been here for a while then you may have noticed something changed. Such as the site layout, my username, the domain name, etc. 229 ord igjen


Life After Death (Journalwithme#25)

I was born into a non practicing Catholic family, and attended a Catholic school my entire childhood. I was told that I needed to repent, and be a good person in order to achieve the honor of being let into the gates of heaven, for this is what was promised in the book of revelation. 353 ord igjen


NaNoWriMo Postmortem: Dictation Delenda Est #NaNoWriMo2018 #amwriting

Dictation must be destroyed.

I swear before anything sacred you care to mention: I will never attempt to dictate fiction again. If my hands become too arthritic to write, I’ll just have to give up writing. 374 ord igjen


Day in the Life // 6 months

7:00 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star plays from the sound machine. I’ve learned that sleeping in (for both us) is not generally worth it given the mayhem of a schedule it creates by waking up an hour later. 1 070 ord igjen