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Netflix's "The Angel" tells story of Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan--Abdel Nasser's son-in-law--who warned Israel prior to ‘73 Yom Kippur War

Telegram exposes Mossad chief’s warnings about Yom Kippur War
by Yaron Drukman
September 18, 2018

… The State Archives website posted the telegram the former Mossad chief sent to then prime minister Golda Meir’s military secretary Yisrael Lior, revealing that the Mossad chief warned about a joint attack of the Syrian and Egyptian armies, who planned to launch an offensive against Israel on Saturday, October 6, 1973, in the late afternoon… 80 ord igjen

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"While Netanyahu expressed “regret” over the deaths of the Russians in a phone call with Putin, he nevertheless reiterated Israel’s position that full responsibility rests with Syria and its allies"

Israeli Delegation Heads To Moscow To Present Findings Over Downed Russian Jet
by Charles Bybelezer
September 20, 2018

An Israeli delegation led by the head of the air force left for Moscow Thursday morning to present preliminary findings of an investigation into this week’s downing of a Russian jet in Syria. 101 ord igjen

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I continue to hear from people who were once on my list asking me why I «dropped» them. This is just a reminder that every time you forward one of these emails there’s this innocuous looking hyperlink down at the bottom, «unsubscribe from this list» that can create problems. 63 ord igjen

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Pro Israel Palestinian Mudar Zahran addresses the European Parliament: BDS hurts us, we want peace with Israel

«We want peace with Israel. Israel’s interest is our interest. Israel thrives only when we do. And we thrive only when Israel does»

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"Putin told reporters that the downing of the plane by Syrian air defenses was a “chain of tragic accidental circumstances""

Netanyahu, Putin talk amid tensions over downing of Russian spy plane’
by Agencies and Staff
September 18, 2018

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid rising tensions between the two countries after a Russian spy plane was shot down by Syria during an Israeli airstrike. 116 ord igjen

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International media dehumanize (or ignore) Ari Fuld and rationalize his murder

Ari Fuld Was Not A ‘Settler’ — He Was An Innocent Victim Of Terror
by Micha Danzig
September 17, 2018

Settler. That is what the international media apparently thinks is most important in this terrible story, followed closely by the idea that Fuld was stabbed in the “occupied West Bank” or near an “illegal settlement.” 269 ord igjen

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