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Golan Heights sovereignty resolution killed by GOP leaders

Congressional Measure to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights Killed
by Adam Kredo
May 24, 2018

A congressional resolution to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the contested Golan Heights region in Syria met a quick demise this week after House GOP leadership quietly put the kibosh on the measure following what sources allege was opposition from top Republican leaders and some in Trump administration…While White House officials familiar with the matter deny playing any role in opposing the measure, it was nixed earlier this week by House leadership, which refused to allow the historic measure to come up for a vote. READ MORE

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"No one should mourn the deaths of Nazis, Al-Qaeda terrorists, ISIS terrorists—or Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who were killed while trying to breach Israel’s security fence to murder Jews"

Appalled by ADL’s mourning Hamas deaths as ‘horrific tragedy
by Mort Klein and Liz Berney
May 25, 2018

It’s painfully shocking that Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt recently wrote on ADL’s website: “It is a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border.” 74 ord igjen

Israel & Middle East

#Israel Won’t Cooperate With #UN Probe on Gaza #Killings

Israeli officials announced Friday that they will completely refuse all cooperation with the new UN probe into the Nakba Day killings of 61 Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border. 188 ord igjen

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