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Islam di Jerman: Sejarah, perkembangan, hubungan dengan pemerintah, pengawasan, dan integrasi

Giessen an der Lahn – Islam mulai berkembang sejak berabad-abad yang lalu, mulai berkembang di Jazirah Arab kemudian meluas sampai Eropa.

Awal Islam di Jerman… 956 more words

Live In Germany

Class Struggle With a Stack of Pancakes.

In 2012 a federal lawsuit was filed against the restaurant chain IHOP and franchisee, Anthraper Investments Inc. on behalf of four Arab, Muslim managers in Texas, all of whom were fired in 2010. 963 more words


Don't Put Off Love - Sarah Derrick, MDiv student / LSTC

James Baldwin once commented on the disconnect he often witnessed, confronting supposed white supporters of the Civil Rights Movement when they acted in ways that directly contradicted their verbal support of equality. 1 335 more words

White Privilege / Power

Leipzig University considers firing law professor over call for ‘white Europe’

Source: The Local

By Shelley Pascual: @shelleypascual

One of Germany’s most venerable universities is considering the future of a law professor who tweeted solidarity with Polish white nationalists. 172 more words


Review: Miss J

UK-based HeavyWait creates female-driven narratives that bring attention to social issues. Their second short, Miss J., written and directed by Amani Zardoe, centers around a Muslim teenager named Deema. 713 more words


Muslims Pray For Christian Jayda Fransen!

Muslims should pray for Christian activist Jayda Fransen even though she says Muslims are her enemy

Jayda has recently been arrested and is being or has been flown to Northern Ireland for interrogation. 91 more words


Evangelical Christians favourite President implicated in hate crimes against Muslims

Newsweek reports: 

This Christian woman threatens to «kill» Muslims because she is «American».

Muslims are more frequently assaulted in Trump’s America than they were post-9/11, a new  375 more words