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Bernie Fazakerley Mystery #12 – background reading

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“Lethal Mix” tackles the issue of anti-Muslim violence, with the central crime being an acid attack on a group of young Muslim women. 746 ord igjen

5 Ways to beat the haters and help keep social media (a little more) hate-free

By Stephen Hoffman

Across the UK – and the entire globe in fact – hate is sadly on the rise. Whether we’re dealing with antisemitism, Islamophobia, hatred against other religious groups, racism, transphobia and homophobia, sexism, xenophobia – or the many other forms of prejudice – what we’re seeing is quite frankly… 1 880 ord igjen


How Do You Reach Muslims with Both Truth and Love?


We have learned that within the last two decades, more Muslims have come to Christ than within the last 1400 years.  That’s something to think about!  22 867 ord igjen

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What is God Doing in the Muslim World?


Islam seems to be on the move around the world, exerting its influence through terrorism and the spread of Sharia, as well as immigration and political persuasion. 23 620 ord igjen

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How Do You Answer Muslim Objections?

Definition of Apologetics

Apologetics comes from the Greek word απολογία (apologia), and the verse in 1 Peter 3:15 translates apologia as giving an “answer” to any who ask about the beliefs of Christians. 24 479 ord igjen

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Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?


There has been a great deal of confusion brought on by this question, especially in the aftermath of a Wheaton professor’s comment affirming that Muslims and Christians do indeed worship the same God. 20 851 ord igjen

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