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What’s Really "Beneath the Veil"

Recently, I got to watch Beneath the Veil, a 2001 made for TV documentary, directed by Cassian Harrison, centered around British journalist Saira Shah’s venture into barely pre 9/11 Afghanistan to document and comment upon life under Taliban rule. 705 ord igjen

Criticism of religious groups is good for religion - David Millard Haskell

While I disagree with some of his points regarding the term Islamophobia, his points on the benefits of religion being subject to criticism are valid: 773 ord igjen


What's the point of Antisemitism?

What makes Jews so special? Indians, Roma, Poles and Caribbeans are all subject to racial discrimination. So why don’t they each get a term of their own? 626 ord igjen


Misadventures in Accidental Islamophobia

While visiting my family in eastern Kentucky, my dad and I decided to go out for brunch. This particular morning, we opted to venture into West Virginia for some pancakes and bookstore-browsing. 867 ord igjen

Faith Living

The Striptease That Was Blamed on Abū Bakr’s Naughty Son

«In an age where all our movements and words are tracked, and in which internet call-out culture and aggressive trolls make it difficult for any would-be dissident to express viewpoints that fall outside of party lines, it seems timely to be reminded of the poetry of Al-Andalus and in particular that of arguably its most saucey knave.»

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Cultural Commentary

Hijabs, feminism and hypocrisy

When it comes to women’s wear, everyone has an opinion — from fashion designers to mothers-in-law, to boyfriends, to politicians, to random people on the street. 1 118 ord igjen