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Such Wonderful People

by Aidan Chivers

Aidan reflects on a recent conversation he had on his year abroad in central France.

‘You’re such wonderful people!’

There’s excitement in her voice as she recognises that accent that I’ve been trying so hard to suppress from my French. 625 ord igjen


What Islamophobic Politicians Can Learn From Mormons

Source: The New York Times

By Asma Uddin

Ms. Uddin is a lawyer and expert on religious liberty.

Last month, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on President Trump’s travel ban, popularly known as the “Muslim ban” because of his statements, like one in 2015  112 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

Naked Kings in the Information Age

In the past few years, many Muslims have been doubting their faith and some have left the religion all together. There are numerous factors as to why, ranging from intellectual confusion, emotional issues, and pressures from dominant societies. 2 182 ord igjen


Transgender woman sues Muslim woman for refusing body wax service

Here we are ladies and gentlemen.

The time has come for the hypocrisy of Social Justice Warriors everywhere to finally be brought out into the open for everyone to see. 802 ord igjen


Local Media Reports on Disciplinary Quotas at Ramsey Unit.

Since December of 2017, the Uncaptive Voices editor has been hearing about many of the prisoners at Ramsey Unit, especially those who are Muslim and involved in the higher education programs at the unit, being targeted with disciplinary cases by the staff, including the warden, at Ramsey 1 unit in Rosharon, Texas. 337 ord igjen


Denmark Minister Calls Fasting Muslims ‘a Danger’ in Ramadan


COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s immigration minister, who last year celebrated the country’s increasingly strict entry laws by posting a Facebook picture of herself with a cake, h… 711 ord igjen


Not if, but when

Let’s imagine for a moment that I suddenly came down with off-the-wall Trump derangement syndrome, instead of the reality, which is that I’m too busy doing other, far more important things.  974 ord igjen

El Gouna