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Defending The Values of The Enlightenment

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK has led to mass demonstrations in London, Scotland and elsewhere with protestors making clear that they oppose his anti-immigrant and anti-environment policies along with his appallingly misogynistic views. 353 ord igjen


Tory MP Michel Fabricant accused of Islamophobia over Sadiq Khan tweet

Source: BBC News

A Tory MP has been accused of Islamophobia over a now-deleted tweet he posted about Sadiq Khan.

Michael Fabricant posted a cartoon showing the Mayor of London’s head on an inflatable balloon, engaged in a sex act with a pig. 42 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

Parody Twitter account attacking Liberal MP Iqra Khalid deletes tweets but remains activated

OTTAWA — A Twitter account billing itself as a parody of Iqra Khalid disappeared briefly but then returned, its previous tweets deleted, after the Liberal MP complained about references to her Muslim heritage and claims she supports Sharia law and the Islamic State militant group. 781 ord igjen


It looks like we have a fun new trend here in the United States, wherein people feel safe and secure in their prejudice such that they proudly spew it whenever they can.

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I Hate The News

A bus rider tells a woman in a head scarf 'ICE should take her kids away'

By Amanda Jackson and Steve Almasy, CNN

(CNN) A woman wearing a Muslim head scarf on a New York transit bus going to Staten Island was subject to racial taunts from another passenger, according to a video posted to social media. 88 ord igjen

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Glasgow Stop the War

In just the first year of Trump in office, the US dropped more than half the number of bombs that have been dropped in the entire eight years of the Bush administration. 186 ord igjen


The 'Muslim Exclusion Act' and America's rising xenophobia

HATEM BAZIAN @hatembazian

People protest the then U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to register Muslims in the country, in front of his hotel in Washington D.C. 1 499 ord igjen

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