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Jared Howe: 'Ethnomasochism' Is A Form Of 'Mental Illness'

Aside from Jews, multiculturalism, and feminism, one of the alt-right’s biggest obsessions is the declining white birthrate. 688 ord igjen


Edinburgh Stop the War AGM

A reminder that Edinburgh Stop the War’s AGM is 7.30pm at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre (5 Upper Bow)  on Monday 19th February.


A Federal Appeals Court Just Said Trump’s Tweets Show He’s An Anti-Muslim Bigot

Source: Huffington Post

By Ryan Reilly, who is HuffPost’s senior justice reporter, covering criminal justice

Once again, the president’s own words undermine the legal defense of his travel ban. 347 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

"You Do Not Sound American": A Live Interview on WGN-TV

By JooJoo Azad | February 10, 2108

I was on WGN for a live interview last week, and was asked to speak about my work and my book, but when I gave answers the hosts didn’t like, their questions (and comments) started to get hostile, literally telling me I «don’t sound American.» They gave me 5 minutes on-air.

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United States

What’s Really "Beneath the Veil"

Recently, I got to watch Beneath the Veil, a 2001 made for TV documentary, directed by Cassian Harrison, centered around British journalist Saira Shah’s venture into barely pre 9/11 Afghanistan to document and comment upon life under Taliban rule. 705 ord igjen

Criticism of religious groups is good for religion - David Millard Haskell

While I disagree with some of his points regarding the term Islamophobia, his points on the benefits of religion being subject to criticism are valid: 773 ord igjen