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Tumultuous Britain

Ever since the Brexit referendum result last year, Britain has been in a prolonged period of political crisis and upheaval – which, with the shock election result, shows no signs of abating. 349 more words

Radical Islam

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the «Ground Zero mosque», once again wrote a deeply inaccurate article reprimanding Americans for their supposedly «right-wing caricature» of Islamic law, sharia, which he insists is not a threat to American law. 237 more words


Saskatoon's Muslim community calls for unity

Ramadan, one of the holiest months in the Muslim faith, has come and gone for another year.

«It’s an opportunity to reflect, it’s an opportunity to be thankful,» Dr. 390 more words


Muslims, and Playgrounds, and Bakers! Oh My!

It’s quite a trifecta coming from the Supreme Court today.

By now EVERYONE already knows that the SCOTUS has (somewhat) upheld the Muslim ban. You can paint the outhouse magenta, but it is still an outhouse. 136 more words

4th Reich

Do You Need more Proof that Trump is a White Supremacist and Islamophobic?

If you refuse to watch television for news and information, as I do, you are aware that every proposal by Donald Trump is focused on reducing the quality of life for minorities, and the working class. 291 more words

British Muslims and the need for safe spaces

by Zain Dada and Zainab Rahim

You got a lot of societies and governments/
Tryin’ to be God, wishing that they were God.
– Mos Def…

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Islamophobes threaten Dutch mosque with terrorism

Dutch NOS TV reports today that the as-Soennah mosque in The Hague has received a letter threatening them and schools with Muslim children with a… 136 more words