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Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bensheim Germany arranged Podium-Discussion on Islam and Populism

By Zubair Khan, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Germany

Pictures by Mobashar Khan

Dialogue is the most effective means of eliminating misunderstandings and countering prejudices. Therefore, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community (Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat) Bensheim invited the guests to the Dorfgemeinschafthaus Wilmhausen-Benshiem for Friday evening on 16.11.2o18. 711 ord igjen


Kansas militia men blame Trump rhetoric for mosque attack plan

Reuters International

Oct 31, 2018 – 01:15

(Reuters) – Three Kansas militia members who were convicted of plotting to bomb the mosque and homes of Somali immigrants should be granted leniency in their sentencing because they were inspired by President Donald Trump’s rhetoric encouraging violence, lawyers for the men said in court documents. 239 ord igjen

The Muslim Times

Political Islamophobia in India.

Is Indian Politics slowly taking a turn towards Politcal Islamophobia?

As someone who has stayed in Gujarat for her entire life, I have seen the aftermath of 2002 riots. 376 ord igjen


Video: Christians Defending Muslims - The Spirit of Prophet Muhammad's Covenants with Christians

Dr. Craig Considine gives a talk at the Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada. He provides an overview of his personal experiences in interacting with Muslims and examines the ways in which Christians defend and protect Muslims. 18 ord igjen


Islamophobia: A Poem

«Freedom from oppression!» They say

And the girl who they call the oppressed

Defends the fabric that is an extension of herself

For she is one of the free… 66 ord igjen


The forgotten Muslim soldiers who fought in First World War trenches for the Allies

They rarely get mentioned during Remembrance Day and Armistice Day tributes, but hundreds of thousands of Muslim soldiers fought for the Allied cause during the… 1 803 ord igjen