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Finding YOURSELF as a Mother

You hear it all the time- mothers expressing that they don’t know who they are anymore after having children- and it makes total sense to feel this way. 656 more words

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What’s Happening to my Dua?

hear to us. He is waiting for us to ask Him so that He can fulfill it for us. But, are we worthy of His favor? 1 279 more words

Islamic Article

Showing Kindness to non-Muslims in an Era of Islamophobia

How do we deal with Islamophobia in this day and age? Let’s read this article to find out.

Prophet Muhammad said: “All creatures are like a family (dependents) of God: and He loves most those who are kindest to his family.” … 756 more words

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Are There Two prophet Muhammad ?

«Hassan your food is getting cold», Habeebah called, as her six year old son was glued to his Quran She snatched the Quran from him angrily. 528 more words

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Praise be to Allah Who has created Time and has made some times better than others, some months and days and nights better than others, when rewards are multiplied many times, as a mercy towards His slaves. 3 095 more words

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Oh ALLAAH, make us see reasons to be grateful to You. You are The Most High and The Sustainer.

A brother finished taking his breakfast (you may call it brunch) and was just parking the dishes before he noticed someone outside. 388 more words

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Sekilas Info: 7 Rahasia Masjidil Haram

Yang mau berangkat / sedang menjalankn haji/Umrah, berikut info sekilas ttg hal2 yg mgkn blm kita ketahui terkait Fasilitas2 di Masjidil Haram ..

Sekilas Info… 580 more words

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