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Muslim Brotherhood: Why Trump Should Name the Group a Terrorist Organization — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Our enemy is not the Muslim people as a whole. Our enemy is Fundamentalist Islam and Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is also “Islamist.” I have chosen to use as my source for credible information about the Muslim Brotherhood and other “Islamist” organizations.

28 ord igjen
Donald Trump

Facebook’s New Tactic to Silence Me and Other Christian Conservatives — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I have written recently that Facebook puts me in “FB jail” quite frequently. If I write about the Muslim Brotherhood, or on President Trump – or anything against the Left; FB will send me a message, alerting me that I cannot post in any groups until such and such a time.

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Donald Trump

Trump pick for UN migration job shared tweets warning of creeping Sharia, pushed fringe view of Islam

Source: CNN

By Andrew Kaczynski

(CNN)The Trump administration’s pick to head the United Nations organization that coordinates assistance to migrants worldwide regularly pushed anti-Muslim sentiment, including claims that Muslims were trying to impose Sharia law in the US. 122 ord igjen

The Muslim Times


I find it peaceful sometimes, to go to the mosque and just think. There’s this peaceful nature there that can’t compare to anything else in life. 62 ord igjen


Horst Seehofer: Islam does not belong to Germany, says new minister

Source: BBC News

Germany’s new interior minister has said he believes «Islam does not belong» to the country, in direct contrast with Chancellor Angela Merkel. 60 ord igjen

The Muslim Times