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What Does It Mean When A Scholar Dies? The Death of Shaikh Murabit Al-Hajj

I received the news today of the death of the Shaikh, the Pole, the Lamp of Truth, Shaikh Murabit Al-Hajj and was left with so many emotions and ideas in my mind; but one stood out that I often get from people: … 769 ord igjen

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

Two clubs. To which one do you belong?

Well, generally speaking we have only two major clubs (between many minis) in our wonderful world of human low quality existence.
First contain personas being associated with nationalistic tendency (whatever this means), mono patriotism sympathizers (whatever this means), La Pen, Trump, Italian or Polish right-wing current running governments, Austrian PM, Hungarian Órban….List is getting longer with each passing day, among thousands upon thousands following the same membership. 420 ord igjen
Global Conflicts


In a recent Gays Against Sharia facebook poll 57% of people said they would support UKIP while 43% said they supported For Britain. This was not a serious opinion poll but nevertheless it is probably a fair reflection of the state of play in the UKIP vs For Britain debate. 277 ord igjen

Anne Marie Waters

This Little Girl

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


I watched the new visitor carefully that night, noticing weird glances between her and my father, and already catching on to what was happening here. 1 715 ord igjen

Iranian women arrested and imprisoned for removing hijab, posting pictures of dancing

Can we hope that Iran, now in turmoil over many things, will try to stabilize itself by allowing its women simple human decency? In the last few weeks, two women have been arrested for removing their headscarves (20 years in jail!) or for posting pictures on social media of themselves dancing.  719 ord igjen

Sex And Gender Issues

200 displaced Syrians gather at Israeli border fence as Russia bombs civilians

Israeli troops do not directly interfere, but call on Syrian civilians to go back to their camp as regime offensive kills at least 10 989 ord igjen