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Proposed SAT Test Question

Senator Chuck Grassley moving his «red line» for voting on his Committee of the Judiciary’s recommendation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination to The United States Supreme Court  is similar to ex-President Barrack Hussein Obama moving his «red line» on serious consequences for the use of chemical weapons against civilians to: 40 ord igjen


What are my Sources and References?

I always get this question from interested readers and skeptics. When a scholar uses information from sources, it is needed to tell readers where the information came from and where they can locate credible sources. 376 ord igjen


The Secularisation of Ahl-e-Bait (AS)

You must’ve come across various sweet quotes these days claiming to be from Hazrat Ali, like «A friend in need is friend indeed», «Friends and hopes go hand in hand», «Love is the ultimate goal» and what not. 678 ord igjen

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I Give Up by Shahbano Aliani

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i give up all my names
all my claims
all plans and pursuits
and ploys and games

i give up all my dreams… 115 ord igjen