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Akhlak Mulia Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w.s) 1


Assalamu’alaikum teman-teman. Hehe…mudah-mudahan selalu ada dalam perlindungan dan kasih sayang Allah SWT. Aamiin. Kali ini, aku ingin membagikan kepada kalian some bits and pieces… 1 143 ord igjen


Revert's Ramadan: Parts 1 & 2

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my video series on how to get through Ramadan as a revert to Islam, here are the first two installments. 75 ord igjen


New Stockholm-syndrome

David Woods defines the wests relationship with islam and why many defend this ideology even though it’s full of contempt for outsiders.


Some revelations

An old one really but about how far removed The Divine Comedy (as well as the Koran and the Bible) can be from secular society. Actually the apparent distrust of dogs, especially as witch or demonic animals, is alive and well in some African Pentecostal and African Initiated churches just as there are still some churches that drive away dogs especially the Russian Orthodox and even some Pentecostal ones. 252 ord igjen

A simple way to save yourself from (most of) sexual abuse: Observe this Hadith: And Shaytaan Is The Third Between A Man And Woman

30 Aug 2013


Islamic Online University

And Shaytaan Is The Third Between A Man And Woman

( By Pure Matrimony)

Islam forbids the free-mixing of men and women in case it leads to fitnah and illicit relationships. 176 ord igjen


Ramadaan Series {Day 11} - How Many Rak’ahs is Sunnah for Tarawih Prayer?

3 of the 4 Imams said 20 is Sunnah.

Imam Maalik (rh) said 33 is Sunnah.

Others said more.

Hanbalis generally say 20.

How do we explain this? 136 ord igjen