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Rumi. Iam not....from Masnavi

The Prophet said that God has declared, «I am not contained in aught above or below, I am not contained in earth or sky, or even In highest heaven. 25 ord igjen

Day #11 - Maybe Someday

Ok, so I missed yesterday. I have a good reason – I was sick. And so damn tired. I hadn’t slept the night before (which is probably what added to my sickness) and I had gone for an interview, I think I ran a red light (I am really hoping I haven’t) and then I got home and I was so out of it. 935 ord igjen

Muslim Brotherhood: Why Trump Should Name the Group a Terrorist Organization — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Our enemy is not the Muslim people as a whole. Our enemy is Fundamentalist Islam and Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is also “Islamist.” I have chosen to use as my source for credible information about the Muslim Brotherhood and other “Islamist” organizations.

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Donald Trump

Facebook’s New Tactic to Silence Me and Other Christian Conservatives — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I have written recently that Facebook puts me in “FB jail” quite frequently. If I write about the Muslim Brotherhood, or on President Trump – or anything against the Left; FB will send me a message, alerting me that I cannot post in any groups until such and such a time.

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Donald Trump