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Idul Fitr: The blend of Spiritual and Social happiness

By Khalidu Afolabi

It is always a blend of excitement and reflection whenever Muslims gather to celebrate Islamic festivals, either Idul fitr (The festival after the month of Ramadan) or… 408 more words


Spiders In The Holy Qu'ran

I think that reading the translation of the meaning of the Qu’ran isn’t enough to touch the true significance of the verses. I give you an exemple. 277 more words


The Revert Girl

So who am I anyway? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately! I guess that’s normal though considering I am becoming something new. 683 more words

Lady Fatimah (as) molding women of Iran into an extraordinary force

«Women’s day in Iranian society and culture is incomparable to other places, in terms of the spirituality and charity in the atmosphere, because it cherishes and shares the sacred moments of welcoming Hazrat Fatimah (as) into this world with all virtuous women. 3 052 more words


Ramadan with Shams: The Ambush of Love

This Ramadan, I drank from the wisdom of Shams of Tabriz contained in the wonderful book Rumi’s Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz.  «Shams» means «Sun» of course, and this year the summer equinox fell in the month of Ramadan; something which felt significant. 1 238 more words


It's Wednesday - on being black and Muslim in the U. S.

Let’s hear from someone new today. Please click through to read the article On the Bodies of My People by Tyson Amir. This is a beautiful memoir of a man reconciling his faith, his culture, and how he is treated and should be treated. 113 more words

Weekly: Let's Hear From Someone New

Islam in Germany: Berlin Mosque Where Burqas Are Banned and LGBT Muslims Welcome Defies Fatwa

Says something about the Turkish and Egyptian religious authorities:

The woman who opened a mosque in Berlin where men and women pray together and face-covering headscarves are banned has vowed to defy a fatwa from Egypt’s highest Islamic authority and criticism from the Turkish government.

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