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Mencari "rumah kedamaian" di Jerman

Islam telah berkembang pesat di Jerman dan semakin banyak masjid yang didirikan. Namun bukan berarti masjid mudah ditemukan seperti di Indonesia.

Masjid-masjid di Jerman tidak mudah untuk dikenali, kecuali masjid-masjid besar seperti Grand Mosque Koeln, atau masjid agung yang pernah saya kunjungi di Limburg dan Friedberg, Negara Bagian Hessen. 422 ord igjen

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Principles of Islam - Magic and Witchery!

«And indeed they knew that the buyers of it (magic) would have no share in the Hereafter.» (2:102)


French Judge: If you smoke pot before killing a Jew, you're not criminally liable

Judge rules Jewish woman’s killer not criminally liable
by Ben Ariel
July 16, 2019

A Muslim man who killed his Jewish neighbor in Paris while shouting about Allah is probably not criminally responsible for his actions because he had smoked marijuana beforehand, a French judge has ruled… 85 ord igjen

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Conservative Christian Peter Hitchens on Islam

I have always appreciated the work of Peter Hitchens, British writer and broadcaster.

Peter Hitchens:

"Islam is not so self effacing as Christianity, it doesn't give up when dismissed or mocked or even persecuted, it carries on, it's one of the things that's most admirable about it, is that it stands up for itself" …

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Religion and Tribalism from an Evolutionary Perspective

Religious belief and adherence is a widely accepted—and often expected—component of many societies. Indeed, in countries such as America there seems to be a pervasive distrust and dislike for people who don’t believe in a god; and of those who don’t believe particularly zealously in one. 2 987 ord igjen


BOOK UPDATE: "Women's Rights Without Feminism" by Zara Faris

As-Salaamu Alaikum everyone! I’ve received so many requests for an update on my upcoming book, «Women’s Rights Without Feminism», which is named after my coined concept  233 ord igjen