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Hello – They Lied to You About Iran!

Hello – They Lied to You About Iran!

By Andre Vltchek,

Have you ever considered the possibility that almost everything that you have been told about the world by the Western mass media is a lie and fabrication? 1 695 ord igjen



Amos 4:13

«(13) For behold, He who forms mountains, And creates the wind, Who declares to man what his thought is, And makes the morning darkness, Who treads the high places of the earth- The LORD God of hosts is His name.»



August 19 in history:

Many countries have experienced dramatic changes in leadership on August 19th …

This date is considered Independence Day in Afghanistan, marking the day in 1919 when the country broke away from the United Kingdom. 112 ord igjen

Today In History

'Evento trascendental': cinco paises firman acuerdo histórico sobre el estatus del mar Caspio

Vladimir Putin asistió a la cumbre del Mar Caspio en Kazajstán, que dijo que tiene un significado «trascendental». Ahi, cinco potencias litorales finalmente lograron un acuerdo para el comercio, la seguridad y el medio ambiente luego de 20 años de conversaciones. 538 ord igjen


Is Trumps politics on Iran working? Or is the Iran opposition starting to support the government?

Let me start by saying I wasn’t a Trump hater and indeed preferred Trump over Hilary and still do.

When it comes to “Trumps Politics on Iran” and whether they are working or not we have to see what were Trump’s objective on Iran. 214 ord igjen


Iran must be faced

Iran, and the whole of the middle east began it’s journy backwards in time in 1979 when the Ayatollah  emerged from under the exiled protection of the French and ran the Shaw of Iran out of power.  205 ord igjen


ATA Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD83 lsf Bukovyna

ATA Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD83 lsf Bukovyna

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