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Mitra Sumara, a Persian big band in NYC, have released an album «Tahdig» in 2018 on Persian Cardinal Recordings. The band has a fantastic history: 108 ord igjen


Psalm 83 War Might Signal Second Signpost

An article from the Free Beacon reminds us of the full spectrum of activities that the Iranian regime is doing to prepare for the Second Signpost… 794 ord igjen

Signpost #2: Iran

More than 100 Members of US Congress condemn terror plot targeting Iranian opposition.

On the verge of the 2018 nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ regime in Iran, senior members of the United States Congress participated in a conference on December 11 held in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom. 274 ord igjen


Today's Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Going Ballistic

A.F. Branco | on December 14, 2018 at 8:40 am | https://comicallyincorrect.com/a-f-branco-cartoon-going-ballistic/

Iran violates U.N. restrictions by testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads. 105 ord igjen

Zionist regime’s disturbed dreams will never come true: Iran

Press TV

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo by AFP)

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman has described the Zionist regime of Israel as the main cause of instability in the region, noting that its bad dreams about Iran will never come true. 778 ord igjen

AngloZionist Empire

The US Wants to Bring Back the Shah of Iran

The US had a great deal going from 1953 to 1979 with the Shah of Iran. For 25 years Iran was a cornerstone of the US usurping the British Empire in the Middle East, following World War Two. 3 997 ord igjen