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Eid Al-Adha

Eid al-Adha is known by many names worldwide. It is called Eid al-Kabīr (or the greater Eid), or Eid al-Baqarah (Eid of cows) by many in the Arabic speaking world. 411 ord igjen

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Quran Excerpts: The Ocean

“All fish of the sea are made lawful for you to eat.”

«And He committed the sea to serve you; you eat from it tender meat and extract jewelry which you wear. 166 ord igjen

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What is the Islamic New Year?

To understand the  Hijri calendar…we have to go back to the days of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). In 622 Common Era (CE) the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) emigrated from Mecca to Medina (which was called Yathrib at the time). 589 ord igjen

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Hadith 11: Doubt

Al-Hasan ibn Ali, the grandson of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, reported: I memorized from the Messenger of Allah his saying:

دَعْ مَا يَرِيبُكَ إِلَى مَا لَا يَرِيبُكَ فَإِنَّ الصِّدْقَ طُمَأْنِينَةٌ وَإِنَّ الْكَذِبَ رِيبَةٌ 55 ord igjen

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Questions to ask a potential spouse!

Considering marriage? Looking for the right things to say? Its important to be honest about your values and beliefs when entering marriage. This a list of questions that you can use as conversation starters with your potential spouse…

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Iqama Magazine Book Club: List #1

BOOK REVIEW #1: Critical Lives: Muhammad —

Written by Yahiya Emerick

Critical Lives: Muhammad is an excellent book that provides a fundamental understanding of how and where Islam started. 445 ord igjen

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