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Reclaiming My Name, The Story of Mohamed Hammoud

Listen to our interview with Mohamed Hammound using the link below:


About Our Guest

Mohamed Hammoud has a Master’s in Comparative Literature from the University of Western Ontario,  with a focus in Mysticism and Hispano-Arabic Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish with Honors from the University of Western Ontario, a Diploma of Hispanic Studies from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and various certificates in Adult Education, Learning and Development, and Leadership Development. 1 005 ord igjen

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Muslim American Journalist, Malak Silmi

Malak Silmi is a journalist at Wayne State University currently working as a community relations intern at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office and contributing to her campus newspaper, The South End. 140 ord igjen

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An Introduction to Islamic Papercutting, The Life and Work of Tusif Ahmad

What is Islamic Papercutting? & Who is Tusif Ahmad?

“The art of papercutting involves the artist cutting a whole painting from a single piece of paper resulting in a painstakingly intricate and fragile piece of art.” 1 625 ord igjen

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Southpaw Michigan, An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

About Our Interview Guest

Abdul El-Sayed was born and raised in Michigan by a family as diverse as our state, including immigrants who left Egypt in pursuit of greater opportunity in America, and farmers, teachers, and small-business owners who have lived in St. 464 ord igjen

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Who is Nairoun? (Part 2)

Iqama Magazine Creative Writing Submission

By Robiyn

This is a short story that is divided into several segments that will be shared in each edition of Iqama Magazine.  696 ord igjen

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Seeking Medicine in the Qur'an and Sunnah - By Noor H. Salem

We look around, and find a society with rising statistics in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other sickness, in younger and younger generations. Many are now desperate to feel and look healthy, only to find their latest fad-diet, detox, or highly expensive protein shakes, meal replacement drinks, and prepared meals, are leaving them hungry, deprived, and moody. 1 450 ord igjen

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