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Seattle Mayor Proposes Fines up to $10K For Improper Gun Storage

Just when we thought liberals couldn’t best themselves, they come up with a new plan to top the previous one. Here it comes folks, it seems that the liberal mayor of Seattle Washington is pushing legislation that would fine gun owners as much as $10,000 for not properly securing their firearms at home. 224 ord igjen

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Welcome Gabby our New College Coordinator

Wingate UMC is fortunate to have two College Coordinator’s this summer! We welcome Gabby who will work alongside our current College Coordinator Katie Edwards. What a blessing it will be to see the amazing ministry and mission of these two dedicated Wingate University students! 104 ord igjen

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North River Festival of Arts Memorial Day Weekend 2018 in Marshfield MA

The Festival of the Arts is a celebration of regional and community creativity, diversity, and art across the South Shore that has been a highlight of Memorial Day Weekend since 1977. 206 ord igjen

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What You Don't Know About Hepatitis Can Hurt You

More than four million Americans are living with viral hepatitis, but most don’t know they’re infected.

Many people can live with hepatitis for decades without feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms.   990 ord igjen

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Burglary spree in Civray area.

Found this report from the Daily Mail…. I hasten to add that I do not buy or read this publication but this came up on FB… 11 ord igjen

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