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What has arrived out of this silence

What has arrived out of this silence
Secretly kept….silence of tears…

Silence of years….

The one who has slept to waken to the shining you… 44 ord igjen


Poverty in Britain: not just shocking but shameful

The report of the UN poverty envoy exposes the grim toll of austerity

 ‘Four million people live more than 50% below the poverty line.’ 

Truth alone is not enough. 744 ord igjen


Ukrainian neofascists attack trans rights demonstrators

This 18 November 2018 video says about itself:

Ukraine: Trans rights demonstrators attacked during Kiev march

Two demonstrators for trans rights were attacked with pepper spray in Kiev after a…

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Human Rights

‘Zionism is a narrative based on fabricated ideas’

MEMO | November 18, 2018

The Palestinian case is a narrative as is Zionism, but the latter is made up “mostly if not entirely of fabricated ideas”, Palestinian author Ramzy Baroud told an international audience in Istanbul, Turkey, today.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Some Kids Are Gay (And You Should Know How to Handle It)

Before we even start, allow me to explain: I’m not a trained professional. The writing I’m providing you with is based on my personal experiences working with LGBTQ youth and by reaching out to friends and asking them to give their opinions. 2 218 ord igjen


Trump attack on Assange, press freedom

This 16 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Possible Indictment Of Wikileaks’ Assange Prompts Press Freedom Concerns

WikiLeaks has been a divisive organization for years, with supporters hailing the group’s commitment to transparency and detractors calling it reckless and biased.

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Human Rights

Government changes to Mental Health Capacity Act places human rights of disabled people in jeopardy

Under the Conservative government, applications for the Deprivation of Liberty of citizens have soared. (Source: Court of Protection hub.) 

Last month I wrote an article about the government’s under the radar proposed changes to the Mental Capacity Act, raising my concerns about how it threatens human rights –  712 ord igjen