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What if to How

My very first blog post that I wrote a little over a year ago was titled Why to What if, and not gonna lie, it went a lot better than I thought it was going to. 1 425 more words

asked how


as its own keeping

and mood

as its own sight

and learning

and caught

and meant

as the use

and felt

and truth

and called… 45 more words


How to upload general journal using X++

I recently written sample code to upload general journal in AX.Please find the script below for AX 2012 R3. Note last two lines of the script is used to post the general journal. 133 more words


How to import Modelstore using Power shell script

I have recently went through a blog post on importing modelstore to AX 2012 R3

Following is the sample script to automate model store deployment. 193 more words


seeing as how

in a burst

and  wave as its  own paradise

and keeping as its own feeling

and touch as its own reverse

and keeping as lasting… 45 more words


How to connect your kids or grandkids to God (podcast)

Learn how to connect your children or grandchildren to God and how to create a spiritual heritage (Ellen Schuknecht)

To download podcast, right click… 26 more words