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F-Secure Researchers: Master Keys to Hotels Can be Created ‘Out of Thin Air’

Researchers find room keys at global hotel chains and hotels worldwide can be hacked to gain access to any room in the building.

Buckinghamshire, UK – April 25, 2018: F-Secure researchers have found that global hotel chains and hotels worldwide are using an electronic lock system that could be exploited by an attacker to gain access to any room in the facility. 654 ord igjen

Internet Of Things

How To Log Onto A WiFi Network When You Can't Get The Login Page To Open

Ever since Sharon and I have started writing Your Mileage May Vary, we’ve learned that having reliable internet access is a necessity when we’re traveling. 915 ord igjen


The Chase "5/24" Rule

The name of the points game is to compile points in the four different credit card currencies (see page Credit Card Currencies).  However, credit card companies are wise enough to realize they need a way to limit otherwise eligible applicants from signing-up for too many cards simply for the sign-up bonuses. 753 ord igjen

Credit Card Points

The Missing Key


The both us.

Me because I had just got in to work and had to get the run down of all the messes I had to clean up left from the last shift, the curse of working nights, and was figuring out what needed to be taken care of immediately and what could wait until I’d at least counted the drawer. 646 ord igjen


If you are traveling to lively Naples, you must experience the real spirit of the city and the best way to do is to stay in the right area! 511 ord igjen


Napa Valley best hotel – Gives you the luxurious staying experience

Napa Valley in California gives a delightful experience to the tourists as it is famous for the finest wines in the whole world. Not only popular for wine cultivation, but also for the food quantity. 273 ord igjen


London Restaurant Reviews : Céleste

It was that time of the month again! I am talking about my monthly catch up with my bestie M. She had picked Céleste, part of… 606 ord igjen