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My Housing History by Yu

  When I first arrived to California I was living in San Diego in the Mira Mesa area with a host family. They were really nice and kind. 443 ord igjen


Where's my money?

1 month in and I still haven’t been paid. In Germany Au Pairs are obliged to receive 260 euro per month for their 30 hour a week shifts. 157 ord igjen


Visiting Kim in Liberia: A Morning in Kakata

Since Kim lives relatively close to the larger city of Kakata, we decided to take a morning to visit and see the Peace Corps training center and to meet her Liberian host family who she lived with during her initial training in Liberia. 794 ord igjen



full disclosure: I am from New York. The closest thing to an «amusement park» we have in the city is the metro system. 

Hello, lovelies! 743 ord igjen


Copenhagen Oktoberfest & 70th Birthday Brunch // Weekend


As the semester is picking up, I think I will begin reducing the frequency of my posts. When possible, I will still try to do the daily posts but in general from now on I will post every few days, but  1 005 ord igjen

Marine Mammals

STAYING WITH A HOST FAMILY | Pros and Cons and Tips

Background source

After posting my experience of my English Australia Exchange Tour (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I decided to write another post on the pros and cons of staying with a host family. 1 374 ord igjen

Host Family

Service Week Sixteen [Life Outside the Inbox]

One-sentence summary: Returning back to site resulted in a solid, two-day face plant; a multi-day wildfire event on el mirador (think 500 cement stairs & switchback ramps to a city lookout) added a new element to my exercise routine; implementing communication soft skills 2.0 with my host-family; designing and facilitating a marketing workshop for local tourism business owners; and turning off some things in order to take time to process, reflect, and preserve the spirit of why I am here.

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Peace Corps Peru