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VIDEO to seek host families for Japanese students

I made these videos to seek host families in Australia for Japanese students.  It is important but hard to find out host families.  If you are working at several schools, it is even harder to attract host families because you might not be able to attend the school assembly to talk bout that in front of students and parents.  29 ord igjen


The Importance of 5 Minutes With a Child!

The best way to enter a child’s world is to hear and listen to their voice.

As an Au Pair I’ve learned how important the first 5 minutes with a child can be when you meet again after you’ve separated paths for a few hours. 457 ord igjen

Au Pair

Why host families don't choose you...

You have finally made  your decision that you want to become an au pair. You have narrowed the au pair agencies down to one and finally applied to become an au pair. 1 056 ord igjen

Au Pair

Any Given Sunday

“Free” days during PST (featuring some Sunday views). 613 ord igjen

Host Family

Desensitization / My first few days in Cusco.

Boring part first. How family tragedy has moulded me / what my therapist has pointed out in our sessions:

My parents hit me. They talked down to me. 1 080 ord igjen

Perhajr Bajrami!

Hours Socially Active: 13 / House Visits: 6 / Cups of Turkish Coffee: 4 / Offerings of Baklava: 3 1 470 ord igjen

Host Family