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Over War - Cade Martin Photography

Portrait project paying tribute to the United States Air Force F105 Thunderchief pilots who took part in Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War.
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A Diamond in the Cornfield

Rated «America’s most beautiful state capitol» by the reader’s of TripAdvisor, the Iowa state capitol building’s regal grandeur has awestruck visitors for almost 150 years. And the law library inside is also a photographer’s dream.  355 ord igjen

What does the name Mormon, mean?

This is an excerpt from my book «Oddities & Folklore volume X»

Besides being the nickname for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what does the actual name, “Mormon”, mean?   581 ord igjen


Brexit - My Private Fears

Brexit – My Private Fears

(Not to be confused by my fears about the global impact of Brexit, the rise of racism, fascism, general hatred and intolerance, and the real possibility of another major war in Europe, in my lifetime). 1 111 ord igjen

Liberalism and "Classical Liberalism" — An Unfortunate Evolution | Mises Wire

Nineteenth-century European liberalism stemmed from two main sources. First, John Locke developed traditional natural law theory in a new direction.
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Episode 058: Slavery and Liberty

For most of the colonial period, slavery is surprisingly uncontroversial.  As the American Revolution begins, colonists start to question the institution of slavery 

In the north broad acceptance of slavery evaporates quickly after Patriots demand that all men are born basic rights to liberty.  75 ord igjen