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Generation X, First Screen People

We were the first


where the majority of

the population’s


were being born

into a home

with a tv set,

maybe two.

not everybody… 183 ord igjen

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New Study Claims Men Have Better Sex With Emotionally Unstable Women

I believe Buckcherry already published the results of this study…

A new study out of the Journal of Sex Research states that men have better sex with women are are emotionally unstable and who like the same things.
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History, Archeology, Science

Found Top Piece Grand Army Of The Republic Membership Medal amongst some family Keepsakes

In my packing for our impending moveout of Mammoth, Arizona, I ran across this old pin. I am pretty sure it is from My Rose side ofthefamily, as all my dad’s ancestors lines were pretty much exclusively Confederate. 116 ord igjen

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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, and The Department Of Defense?

What in the Hell is this? Think About it.. What does it mean when the Department of Defense is funding research into vaccines?

How bad IS the problem of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, scar tissue in the lungs, among soldiers? 246 ord igjen

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Family Tree DNA, Best DNA Testing And Analysis, In My Opinion. #chooseFTDNA #chooseFamilyTreeDNA

all things being considered, I have to recommend Family Tree DNA. They have the most time in the field, of genetic testing, that is. Ancestry has an edge, due to it’s company starting out as genealogical service, in the genealogy department, but really, only if you subscribe. 74 ord igjen

History, Archeology, Science

It Was The Fall Of 1941, 'Lust In The Dust', Led to Three Generations Of Lies. Becoming LaChaumette, A Journal #becominglachaumette

It was the Fall of 1941. My paternal grandfather, James Earl Shumate , his wife and 2 small children, were living with his inlaws, his wifes parents, above the dry goods/general astore her parents owned. 2 983 ord igjen

History, Archeology, Science

Glitter Bubble Volcano Experiment... gotta look, right? #homeschoolhighlights

Another experiment/activity out of Mommy’s new science and craft project book she got online. Kids are really jazzed about it, would go straight thru the book, 10-20 experiments a day if we would let them. 27 ord igjen