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21 Days Old

I was 21 days old

When they took him

When the messenger

Was slain

21 days old

21 days old

21 days old

21 days… 65 ord igjen

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My Paternal Line, from Francois De La Chaumette, born 1500, to Me. Yup, Furry , Unkempt, Ornery Ol’ Me. #DeLaChaumetteGenealogy #becominglachaumette

It took 40 yrs of searching, but the mystery was solved last summer, of the paternal line of my father… not only did I learn the name of my paternal grandfather, and by Western standards, that of my family name, but a lineage back to 1500, just like that. 57 ord igjen

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Tinker Toy Timez, Old School Brain Training, Disguised As Play #dadlife

Doing some packing and rearranging, and i redicovered some toys we had put away for baby sister’s sake….

Tinker Toys!

Baby sister couldn’t be trusted not to eat the damn things, once she started crawling, and the boys weren’t quite responsible enough to effectively keep them away from her. 93 ord igjen


Warrrgh Be Cap’n Jack? Episode one #WarrrghBeCapnJack

Washed up

He be

On a dead seas


Flung far

From his


From his


Like flotsam

And jetsam

Violently tossed

Left for dead… 35 ord igjen

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Benjamite Insignia

Like the Duck colors hiding in there….

in my ever expanding research, I come across interesting nuggets like this one.

Tribe of Benjamin, I wonder, if perhaps a remnant of them, a sliver of that tribe, perhaps became Those Amizigh Jews of North Africa, having traveled from Egypt?

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My DNA Admixture Graphs, MDLP World, and MDLP World 22, From gedmatch.com

Hadn’t had alot of research time lately, so it had been a while since I had been to gedmatch.com. Here are a couple samples of the graphs available. 62 ord igjen

History, Archeology, Science