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I am out of order. I am tired. I don’t sleep anymore. It is becoming a drag, very slowly but yes, somehow nothing works anymore, in the morning I am like dust and in the evening, I try not to fall asleep, because I am so fearful of death, while nobody cares here anyway.  290 more words


Rock Point Lake

We left Convict Lake Monday morning and headed to Rock Point Lake and Creek. We were able to park the RV in campsite #7 right across from the lake and it is an RV spot all to itself. 465 more words


Gear Review: Trailfoody Food Kits for Day Adventures

The monthly mailing of a collection geared towards a specific consumer is an ever-growing industry and a lot of fun. A recent sample I received is one I can wholeheartedly endorse, because it covers several things I always need in my life: snacks and novelty! 254 more words


Visiting Norway: Thoughts about visiting Flam and doing the Nutshell

All the travel guides for Norway talk about the Norway in a Nutshell tour of the fjords. This section of the fjords, especially the Naeroyfjord (narrow fjord) should be seen if at all possible because of the stunning natural beauty, but there are a number of ways to do this that aren’t explained fully in most of the books and web sites. 1 399 more words


The Circle of Life

I have never seen so many swallowtail butterflies congregating in one place before. Convict Lake must be a major breeding ground for these magnificent butterflies because they are literally everywhere. 541 more words


Hiking in the Rain, Almost as Good as Dancing

A few weeks ago we mapped out fun things we were going to do this summer. This weekend we had scheduled a backpacking trip. As the date approached, the overwhelming sense of home and farm chores took hold, and the idea of prepping for an overnight backpacking trip seemed too daunting. 169 more words

Salmon Pools Trail

Ahhh Summer has finally arrived in the Maritimes!! Yay!! We consider ourselves lucky to live on the East Coast where we can explore anytime of the year and see beauty around us. 440 more words