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Must the Muslima Wear a Headscarf?

Identity politics are dangerous. Unfortunately Muslims have long been swept up into the fray. Sometimes willingly.

In many traditional and conservative societies, women have covered their heads. 1 082 more words


Dropping the act: recharging in Yerevan

It was cold and well past midnight when I crossed the border between Iran and Armenia. Everything went smooth: I didn’t get any questions, just a bunch of stares from a dozen Iranian soldiers, as one of them kept aimlessly flipping through my passport’s pages. 1 177 more words


Police admin worker can wear hijab with a uniform, says human rights council

November 20, 2017

Photo: Police badge and radio.

The Dutch police are wrong to ban a Muslim women officer from wearing a headscarf in a job where her contact with the public is limited, the Dutch human rights council said on Monday. 311 more words


I'm on MAMA MIA!! : 16 NOV 17

Hellooo my lovelies around the globe,

I hope you are all having an amazing day! I wanted to share some exciting news for those who may have not have come across it as yet. 141 more words

...continuing from yesterday as campaigners condemn 'ludicrous' hijab questioning...

Muslim campaigners have condemned «discriminatory» plans for school inspectors to question girls who wear hijab in primary school.

Yersterdays post explained that the Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman would be asking why they (the children) wear the headscarf, which «could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls». 674 more words

Spring/Summer Lookbook 2018

Who’s ready for this Aussie summer? I’ve put together a lookbook from ASOS to help you welcome summer in style – with shoppable links (below). Yas!! 129 more words

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