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A BREXIT Nugget: No Mr. Dominic Raab, NOT Responsibility from the Government but Accountability for the Government

Now that a crash seems a likely prospect for BREXIT the government decides to do the “Responsible” thing by publishing a series of technical notices designed to prepare the UK for the possibility of a… 490 ord igjen


Photo Profile Updated: A Perspective from the Countryside – Landscape

My Journey with landscape photography continues. I hope also you continue to be a part of that journey and maybe even enjoy some of my work and maybe even share your thoughts/comments if I really get lucky. 52 ord igjen


US Nationals – Men's Day 2 Live Blog

Critical topics heading into day 2:

1) Akash Modi. Modi did the most of anyone to help his worlds prospects on the first day by finishing 2nd AA, but perhaps even more significant were his top-3 finishes on FX and HB. 3 061 ord igjen

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A BREXITEER Like a Fox is back with his Good Old Union Jack Sox

We heard the exciting news that Nigel Farage is finally back to save the country from a certain demise. The only difficultly this time around of course is that unlike previous times when life was rosy and people could be led to believe the hogwash about the great prospects post BREXIT it’s reality check time and people – for the most part – believe what they can actually see NOT what they hear. 309 ord igjen


The Comedy of Errors - Smock Alley - Review

The Comedy of Errors – Smock Alley – Review

14 – 18 Aug | 8pm | Boys School

The Comedy of Errors has a confusing plot but that’s part of the fun! 430 ord igjen


Competition - Win Tickets to the Ozomatli - Whelans - 20/08/18

Competition – Win Tickets to the Ozomatli – Whelans – 20/08/18

We have three pairs of tickets to give away to three lucky winner for the… 366 ord igjen


US Nationals - Senior Women Day 1 Live Blog

The senior women’s field is…not the one we started with. The latest post-PT withdrawals of Emma Malabuyo and Madelyn Williams bring us down to 21 competitors. 2 662 ord igjen

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