Stikkord » Grönland

Sifa Restaurant

Origin: Turkey
Address: Motzfeldts gate 7

We’re tasting our way through Grønland and decided to kick it all off with some delicious Turkish meze at Sifa’s. 251 more words


About the project

Our names are Nina and Andrea and we come from the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway. It all started when we met at University and found out that we both shared a passion for food, travelling and meeting new people. 82 more words


Greenland... Where are you?

I love my flags!! You Lovelies know that already…

I spend a lot of time going to my «Countries» statistics page and looking at the different countries and territories, and all the colorful flags! 278 more words


Vikings, Migrants, and Culture Oh My

This week has been full of classes and museum tours.

On Monday we had an hour and a half of class and then we left for the viking ship museum. 240 more words


I was invited to be part of a global warming exhibition to Greenland. A selected group of 15 people from all over the world from Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Germany were invited by an organisation called Family Business Network (where I am a member for a few years) to join this awareness trip into the ice of Greenland. 497 more words


The Changing Seasons: February 2017

February is almost over and I haven’t shot much in Oslo this month, but I’ve had to capture something for «The Changing Seasons». 461 more words


Carrie Bradshaw moment 

Four weeks tracking and the rare snow leopard finally revealed itself in shape of an apartment within shooting range. To illustrate the insane feeling of winning a bidding war on Black Friday and buying my first apartment, here’s a retrospective: Since leaving home after graduating college twelve years ago I’ve lived in: 351 more words