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Evaluation of Clifford Geertz’s interpretive account of religion (two ethnographic examples)


Geertz reformed the approach of anthropology by arguing that human cultural activities were distinctive and unusual and therefore would not be able to be explained away in the usual scientific manner taken towards all things within the natural world. 4 638 ord igjen


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Clifford Geertz

Tentang Dinamika Sosial-Politik Tahun 1950-an dan 1990-an

Dalam wawancara berikut, Pak Cliff, begitu Dr. Clifford Geertz biasanya kami panggil, menekankan kenyataan bahwa Indonesia adalah sebuah negara yang bersifat majemuk. 404 ord igjen

[BOOK, ESSAY] Thick Description, Cultural Studies Research Methods

(1)Geertz, Clifford. «Thick description.»The interpretation of cultures (1973): 3-30.
(2) Pickering, Michael, ed.Research methods for cultural studies. Edinburgh University Press, 2008.

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