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English vocabulary and writing skill.

Hai! It has been a while since I last produced any content on this blog, so I though heck, why not now. I do want to notify you readers that my posts are going to be a bit more formal starting now. 222 ord igjen

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Wus Bier komt uit een hobby brouwerij uit Bunschoten.

Wij brouwen onze bieren op pure wijze met inachtneming van het uit Duitsland afkomstige Rheinheitsgebot; Onze bieren bestaan uit enkel water, gerstemout en hop. 30 ord igjen

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What do turtles tell us?

The sea is on of the themes I paint, because the stones come from the beach or the sea. Moreover, boats stands for travels, which I like, and dolphines and whales are amazing and intelligent animals and maybe we human beings could try to be more like them. 420 ord igjen

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GOG-BOT visit

The installation which I liked the most was the installation called “God’s Table”. It was a table with LED’s in it and rocks on the side. 366 ord igjen

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DIY makeup bouquet

In search for the perfect gift for a makeup lover? Well, I got you babe. Read on for the details!

For the birthday of my sister in law I couldn’t decide what to give her. 427 ord igjen

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Dag 1 salesmissie Iran

7.30 ontbijt (bleh) echt bleh en naar de 1e afspraak met een soort onderdepartement van ministerie van toerisme. We vertrekken vanaf het hotel met een busje. 61 ord igjen

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