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Have a friend at work? And why it matters.

Do you have a friend at work? It matters to your happiness.

12 Tough Questions to ask yourself regarding Workplace Happiness

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Personal Change

Are Millenials Job Hoppers?

It sounds too harsh to judge that millennials are job hoppers. I think this kind of view comes from the typical stereotype toward millennials. However, it could not also be debunked as entirely false. 342 ord igjen


Admired Bigly

Every year since 1946, Gallup has released a poll of the most admired persons in America. Sitting U.S. presidents have captured the number one spot in 59 of the 72 years of the poll’s existence. 430 ord igjen

we're so done for

Get this, a new Gallup poll ranks Sideshow Don as the second most admired man in America.

Good God, what has happened to our standards? We used to admire the admirable. 350 ord igjen


Why The GOP Lost The House

I’m not a big fan of Gallup, but I cite them a lot. After all, they were the pollsters that started presidential polling a LONG time ago. 512 ord igjen


All They Do Is Win

Barack and Michelle Obama are Gallup’s Most Admired Man and Woman for 2018.
on.gallup.com/2AimCVj https://t.co/1fN1DKmULQ

(@GallupNews) December 27, 2018

Barack, Michelle Obama top Gallup poll of most admired man and woman by Americans.

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Discover Your Clifton Strengths by Tom Rath


I’m glad I took this test and recommend it for everybody, whether your job searching or not. In fact, a good place to start taking it is in high school. 2 769 ord igjen