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Freedom of Speech in the Free Market

Although many Americans don’t understand where it applies, almost every American cherishes the ideal of «freedom of speech.» The Supreme Court has heard many cases concerning what is protected speech and what isn’t–as in the famous… 1 306 ord igjen


DAY 75

court of protection forms is a load of shit
printed off the forms to take it into court would you believe there is 10 to 15… 348 ord igjen

Pro-Aborts Force Their Beliefs on Catholics By Vandalizing Church

Many pro-aborts are no doubt upset about pro-life legislation being passed in a number of states. That may have been what prompted someone in the Philadephia area to spray-paint something on the front of Notre Dame de Lourdes Church. 183 ord igjen

Religious Freedom

WordPress once again helps the Pakistani government block my "blasphemous" Jesus and Mo posts

I think this must be the third time that WordPress has cooperated with the Pakistani government in blocking «blasphemous» content on my site. The blasphemy, as you’ll see from the three links singled out, involves reproducing Jesus and Mo cartoons, which have apparently hurt the feelings of Muslims. 340 ord igjen

Freedom Of Expression

Of hammers and nails

More apologies to Francis Bacon…

I wanted to try to dig just a little more into the mind of the authoritarian. My goal was to write a post that was deep and insightful, something that would provide an incontrovertible explanation as to what drives the authoritarian. 542 ord igjen

Searching for inspiration

When I want to write, I just open my laptop and start typing. Lately this hasn’t been the case. I feel uninspired, which is a new sensation. 417 ord igjen