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Problems with the Third tenet of Free Speech Crusaders

Previously, I claimed that, generally speaking, Free-Speech Crusaders (FSCs) hold at least three core tenets. They were as follows:

(1) There are no conditions in which free speech should be censored, limited, or even curtailed . 826 ord igjen


Intellectual Property

Laws protecting intellectual property—patents, copyrights, and trademarks—can both advance free speech and pose significant threats to civil liberties. The ability to keep books you write or pictures you take from being copied and sold without your permission, for instance, creates a financial incentive to write those books or take those pictures, fostering creativity and encouraging speech. 197 ord igjen


First Principles: Absent Freedom of Thought and Speech There Is No Wisdom or Public Liberty

«Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.»Benjamin Franklin (1722)

First Principles

Of the Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is apparently something which is now under threat. Spiked magazine recently made the bold claim that some three hundred years of press freedom was threatened by the British Parliamentary vote on the implementation of the second stage of the Leverson inquiry earlier this month. 3 596 ord igjen


Because I am a Barbarian

Because I am a Barbarian

«Why are you like this?» the question refrains

There’s dirt in my hair and mud on my knees

I run with horses and sing in the breeze… 212 ord igjen

Species Of Exit

Denier Nutter Of The Week: Roger Dommergue.

In an article posted by Wear’s War here, John Wear waxes lyrical about the Holocaust denier Roger Dommergue. John takes great pains to tell us…shock, horror that Dommergue is a Jew! 1 033 ord igjen


My View

All artist that do it from the heart are amazing,

Especially the ones that get no recognition,

Its like in this new world artistic integrity is missing, 76 ord igjen