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Why Mainstream Media Is Weaponizing Alyssa Milano

The media is weaponizing feminists like Alyssa Milano in the lead-up to the midterm elections by continuing to cover their movements and granting them air time, but the question is why? 1 017 ord igjen

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Welcome home, Pastor Brunson!

Welcome home, Pastor Brunson!

On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump greeted Pastor Andrew Brunson in the Oval Office, shortly after the pastor’s release following two years of detainment in Turkey. 13 ord igjen


Atlanta City Council Votes To Settle Ex-Fire Chief's Lawsuit For $1.2 Million

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta’s City Council has voted to settle a $1.2 million lawsuit brought by the city’s former fire chief who was dismissed after he wrote a book that included anti-gay passages. 515 ord igjen


Calvalcade of Conservative Cockwombles (CCC) Ben Shapiro

Trigger warning for republican and right wing people: this is a scathing takedown of people you hold dear. I do not apologize for speaking the truth about this reprehensible individuals. 485 ord igjen

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A few days ago Tommy Robinson was photographed in the company of some very young british soldiers who wanted a few ‘selfies’ with him. It was obvious from the video of the event that this had nothing to do with politics but was simple a case of some 16 year olds wanting a photo with a celebrity but following a complaint by the Muslim Council of Great Britain the army authorities came out with a statement condemning ‘extremism’ and ‘hatred’ etc etc.  184 ord igjen

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