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Vietnam withdraws licence of news site, issues fine -- Tuoi Tre Online misquoted President Tran Dai Quang

A popular Vietnamese news website has been suspended and fined about $10,000 after it was accused of publishing false information, as the communist government quashes any perceived criticism. 285 ord igjen

Who's the Real Fascist?

Fascism.  The left’s favorite word.  Saying it makes them wetter than Elizabeth Warren while watching Dances with Wolves (great movie, by the way).  But unfortunately for our looney friends, the word «fascist» doesn’t just mean «everything I disagree with».  221 ord igjen


Free speech papers filed in Auckland court

The Free Speech Coalition was formed after Auckland mayor Phil Goff said he wouldn’t allow two right wing Canadians to speak at any council owned venue, and Auckland Live cancelled their booking. 533 ord igjen

Phil Goff

John Roughan writes: Mayor Phil Goff has decreed, “Auckland Council venues shouldn’t be used to stir up ethnic or religious tensions. Views that divide rather than unite are repugnant and I have made my views on this very clear.

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Free speech is a white privilege?

A tweet from Annabelle Lee (@huihoppa) got Twitter twittering.

Free speech isn’t a human right it’s a white privilege.

Case and point – Mike Smith, Moana Jackson and Tame Iti don’t get ‘breaking news’ alerts alongside Mike Hosking because they don’t get given platforms in national publications.

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