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Waiting on a bridge

Waiting on Dronning Alexandrines Bro for a new adventures day to begin.


A walk among Mesolithic Ancestors

Yesterday I drove to Vedbaek Havn and took great pleasure in the environment before I went for a walk in Maglemosen, a bog with a very interesting history. 200 more words


A Glorious Walk at Frederiksborg Castle

I’ve spent magical times on my walks at Frederiksborg Castle north of Copenhagen. Winter evenings were beautiful. The Stable Street and portals, gate towers and turrets, the courtyards and of course the view of Frederiksborg Castle, covered with snow all together added the impression of a fairy tale. 99 more words


What are they waiting for?

What are the ducks waiting for?

To be continued…


Experience Nature

I had one of my known walks when suddenly I heard a cry, it was the lapwing. The bird is a seldom guest so close to built-up areas. 13 more words